DIYDAY ripped it up at Chainsaw

DIY Day Waterloo 035

DIYDAY kicked ass yesterday, and I hope more events like this are on the way.  Instantiated by Marc Lecompte and billed as a “mixed-media event showcasing the hard-working folks putting forth an effort to make the culture of our city as vibrant as possible”, it certainly delivered.  Marc, who owns and operates the Princess Café and Espresso Bar as well as Cheeses Murphy, is someone I’ve not yet met, but based on this meetup, I sure want to (facebook tells me we have common friends like Jon Johnson, Hilary Abel and Matthew Reynolds).  I met Jon, of Bearface Design fame, a couple years ago at a printing press party at Matthew’s garage, and have just been going to a lot of the same gigs since then.

In addition to wanting to pick up some BFRC merch, I saw that Branko Vranic was going and I definitely wanted to get some of his prints.  Been kicking myself for not buying out this entire stock at the show Chérie Fawcett put together at the Silicon W Gallery last year.  Branko’s work shown above.  I bought the middle one.

Click through for a semi-reasonable number of pics…

DIY Day Waterloo 006

Jen van Overbeeke and Danielle Hyde of In Paper Dreams.  These two were positively brimming with good energy, and…

DIY Day Waterloo 007


DIY Day Waterloo 010


DIY Day Waterloo 011


DIY Day Waterloo 013


DIY Day Waterloo 014

The man himself, Mr. Jon “Bearface” Johnson.  They say a business owner wears a lot of hats, and I’ve illustrated that here as Jon wears a smart looking toque, straightens the sign with one hand and t-shirts with the other, all while balancing a precariously piled mountain of Chainsaw burger and fries on his lap.

DIY Day Waterloo 018

This is wicked.  Bought.  Brohemus, I picked up one for you, too.

DIY Day Waterloo 019

Bought that shirt, too.

DIY Day Waterloo 023

DIY Day Waterloo 026

Hold on!  That’s a familiar face from Friday’s Dreamscapes show at WalterFedy

DIY Day Waterloo 029

Kate Cox and I didn’t meet on Friday, but here I am sitting down with her for…

DIY Day Waterloo 032

my very own unflattering portrait, which I think turned out very…


well.  Thanks Kate.

DIY Day Waterloo 033

Robert Dayton’s winking cards and more.  I loved the hand-written everything…

DIY Day Waterloo 034

at this event.  Orange Monkey brought out the vinyl!

DIY Day Waterloo 036

DIY Day Waterloo 037

These are great.  Who did these?

DIY Day Waterloo 038

Trevor Waurechen prints.  Check out his comics at

DIY Day Waterloo 039

My good friend Anna Beard representin’ at The Cord Community table.  Met Anna while working on The Grand Porch Party back in the spring.

DIY Day Waterloo 043

Nice to meet the guys from The Mano A Mano Radio show…

DIY Day Waterloo 044

who are also putting out comics, and…

DIY Day Waterloo 045

had this handsome guitar as a donation jar.

DIY Day Waterloo 047

Who was doing these matchboxes?  They are awesome.

DIY Day Waterloo 048

Cara Vandermey had these great stickers of one-off figures.

DIY Day Waterloo 049

Jeff Woods and Mike Arnott had laid out this book of photos from the PEOPLE.OF.KITCHENER tumblr feed.  There was a code in the back to download some music from Hinindar (Jeff and Steve Sloane’s outfit).  I bought.

DIY Day Waterloo 050

Another cool cat from the Dreamscape show is Melanie Sarazin.  You can check out more of her work at her tumblr feed.  She had done up these pieces with porcelain paint.  I bought a mug.

DIY Day Waterloo 056

DIY Day Waterloo 060

Ellie Anglin, delivering The Golden Bat zine.  I bought.

DIY Day Waterloo 062

You know who loves buttons besides Caroline Wesley?

DIY Day Waterloo 063

Elton John, that’s who.

DIY Day Waterloo 065

Chris Austin brought out the bears.

DIY Day Waterloo 071

Thanks to all the crew who showed up.  Introduced me to a whole different crowd of makers.


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  1. Agnes says:

    I’m sad I missed this! But Hacky Halloween was sufficiently awesome…so I guess that is consolation.

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  3. matthew reynolds says:

    Great write up of a super fun event Darin! I think we must have missed you by mere minutes… but I’m glad to see I left some merch for you; ha!

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