Etsy pop-up in Downtown Kitchener

Etsy pop-up in DTK 018

Etsy held a country-wide Made In Canada event today, the local manifestation of which landed at the Walper Hotel in DTK. For those new to the internet, Etsy is a relatively well-established online marketplace for makers.  I think this is wicked cool to bring that to real life, too. One of the primary makebright missions is to get people off the sofa and engaged in the community. To sustain a rich pool of cool things to do like music/art/food/theatre/shopping, the follow-up mission is for us all to spend a little money.

If you liked or missed this event, you’ll definitely want to check out Marc Lecompte’s DIYDAY#2 coming up November 1 at Chainsaw in Waterloo. It was awesome last year, and will offer unique local stuff out of the zine crowd, different than the Etsy gig, but with overlap. And different is good.

I could not walk by these fantastic puppets by Joel Brubacher without stopping to take photos and chat…

Etsy pop-up in DTK 020

Joel is local,…

Etsy pop-up in DTK 023

making puppets from his basement workshop. Right on, maker!

Etsy pop-up in DTK 005-2

I take it as a good sign to see this event in the Walper after the sale of this historic hotel last year. Hats off to Perimeter Development, The Zehr Group, David Strucke, and CK Atlantis for hosting. And high five to local organizer Jessica Murphy and team for making it happen.

Etsy pop-up in DTK 008

The haps were happening upstairs.

Etsy pop-up in DTK 013

Well well, familiar faces right out of the gate: Princess Café/Cheeses Murphy proprietor Marc Lecompte with daughter Dorothy and Bearface Design’s own Jon Johnson.

Etsy pop-up in DTK 011

I didn’t get inside until 1:30pm of the 10-3 show, but crowds were still strong.

Etsy pop-up in DTK 015

BRFC merch.

Etsy pop-up in DTK 016

Still love this sign…

Etsy pop-up in DTK 025

as did I love these collage/drawings by…

Etsy pop-up in DTK 029

Catherine Mellinger, who just happens to be partnered with the aforementioned puppeteer Joel Brubacher.

Etsy pop-up in DTK 031

Etsy pop-up in DTK 027

I asked Catherine about this piece in particular that holds a fair bit of mystery. She pointed out the use of a certain type of pens that lend themselves to bleeding the colour. There was some faint echo of my brother’s drawings in this. The figure in a surreal landscape.

Etsy pop-up in DTK 067

Etsy pop-up in DTK 035

After making the…

Etsy pop-up in DTK 037

rounds in…

Etsy pop-up in DTK 043

here, I went to the other room over where the piano usually sits and found…

Etsy pop-up in DTK 049

Crysta Stephenson making words with magnet letter buttons at…

Etsy pop-up in DTK 050

Bayleaf Buttons. This is Megan Campbell, chief button maker and owner of Bayleaf.

Etsy pop-up in DTK 056

I grew up in the ‘70’s and buttons were magic.  Happily, I never shook that feeling. Bought the “BOOM” button you see at the bottom of this photo.

Etsy pop-up in DTK 057

Then it was time to hit the streets again.

Etsy pop-up in DTK 006

Well done, makers.


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