LED matrix and Boltmade 037

I reverse engineered this 20 year old LED sign fragment and reanimated it with an Arduino Nano. More here. (Jan 2016)


TORCAM CNC controller reverse engineering 018
I reverse engineered this TORCAM CNC control box from Sir John A. MacDonald secondary school. Then I constructed some glue hardware to allow the old CNC tools to operate with modern PC parallel ports. (Sep-Nov 2014)



Fixed a flash connector for a friend with a little soldering and a new TRRS plug. (Feb 2015)



CPVC drain pipe fix on furnace.


I fixed the transmission coupling and auger dogs on our washing machine (Dec 2014)


Laptop case 006

I designed and constructed a custom sleeve for my laptop (Dec 2014)



I fixed a Nintendo DSi game by replacing these microscopic $0.75 switches using solder braid, Chip Quik, and The Force.


polecam v2 test 006
From Hack: wireless live-view for polecam v2-$50 (Sep 2012)
Built a rig to put a CHDK-driven camera on a 20’ pole for my Looking Down series.
More here…


BB macro how-to 065
From how-to: do cheap macro photography on a BlackBerry
Taped cheap plastic lens to BlackBerry for amazing macro results
More here…


Arduino_output_needle_gauge 016
From Arduino 101 meetup prep-day 7- VU meter needle gauge
Hooked various salvaged tech bits to Arduino and a PC
More here…


BOXware hat parts
From An idea: BOXware Hat, ‘cause every show needs schwag
Designed and laser-cut cardboard schwag for tongue-in-cheek campaign
More here…


Steel Rails 2011 012
From Steel Rails double-slit build for IQC == win
Designed and built human-scale classic double-slit physics experiment for art show on a train
More here…


Loud Monkey Trial 01 010
From Project Loud Monkey test run… in Waterloo Public Square
Noisy toys played through massive amplifiers.  ‘Nuff said.
More here…



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