makebright makes bigger capacity in people.

makebright brings ten years of experience creating makerspaces that drive experiential learning. Let’s connect and talk about how I can help you.

The Venn diagram of my life includes overlapping circles of tech, art, and the maker movement. I spent twenty years in software development. I have half a fine art degree coupled with a love of photography. And I’m a self-taught hacker of electronics and fabricator of all sorts of physical things. These overlapping domains loop in some of the most interesting aspects of Waterloo Region and position me to capably dig deeper on the unique cross-discipline opportunities emerging here.

About Darin White


Hi, I’m Darin “DW” White, long-time maker, living in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. I’m the creative guerrilla behind makebright, partnering with an associated posse of smart people to do cool stuff.

The #1 question I get: What is makebright?
Best current answer:
It’s my business developing hands-on maker spaces, experiences, workshops and learning.

Important elements of what I do include:

making – I was born to make. I broke open all my toys as a kid to see how they work in their guts. Later, I learned to fix and then to build. I taught myself electronics and became better at fabrication and mechanics. I’m always learning and making new tools for the toolbox to expand my capabilities. I helped found the kwartzlab makerspace to connect with collaborators, to learn, and to foster the love of making in others.

social change –  I actively help make the community in which I want to live.  Combining my making and photography skills with my desire to increase the awesome, I’ve volunteered my time/skills/gear to help out: Maker Expo, FLASH Photography Show, Foto:RE 3rdThur photo review, BOX Art Show & Sale, Art Allies, Grand Porch Party, Social Venture Partners, The Jazz Room, multiple mini Maker Faires, SoOnCon, Ignite Waterloo, TEDxWaterloo, Night\Shift, Steel Rails, kwartzlab, and a whole whack of local creative players who hopefully benefit from my contributions.

photography – My goal is to tell stories with my images and a bit of text. I want my audience to feel something when they see my work, and mostly to be engaged. My subject matter splits across documenting my curious wanderings of my habitat, and pushing to find a compelling visual esthetic. I bust my ass studying/shooting/networking to get better at this. This blog is my discipline to shoot regularly and frequently. I measure my success in human connections and strong images.

You can find me in all these places:

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