Matthew Schwager projection on KCH 374
From You’re projecting… art on Kitchener City Hall (Aug 2015)


Michael Reinhart - Roberta Hunt at The Boathouse 248-3
From Reinhart and Hunt at The Boathouse (Apr 2015)


KW Dixieland Jazz Club 186
From Dixieland jazz for Valentine’s Day (Feb 2015)


UTW Saturday 032
From FLASH traffic—last chance for romance (Jan 2015)


DTK Wednesday 013
From 1shot #213-hey, take my picture! (Jan 2015)


From 1shot #215-exit to anywhere (Feb 2015)


FLASH 2015 event 272
From Kick-ass photog Barbara Davidson rocks FLASH 2015 (Jan 2015)


Columbia St W at Erbsville Rd-131
From 1shot-The car is king on Columbia Street (Dec 2014)


Larry Towell talk at WLU 050
From Larry Towell provokes at WLU (Oct 2014)


Louie Palu at RIC 053
From Kick-ass photog Louie Palu kills it at Ryerson (Oct 2014)


From My favourite welder and career shifting (Sep 2014)


Random 048
From 1shot #182-everything is a mystery (Aug 2014)


From 1shot #185-loss of separation (Aug 2014)




CITS 2013 opening 279-Edit_post_review_tuneup
From 1shot #182-everything is a mystery (Aug 2014)


Skaters 2014-04-11 064-2_post_review_tuneup
From 1shot #182-everything is a mystery (Aug 2014)


Heavy Breakfast - Princess Cafe - 2014-08-24 315
From Metal for breakfast (Aug 2014)


From 1shot #202-Red letter day (Nov 2014)


Random 027
From Street riffs (July 2014)


CAFKA14 - pre-show 069
From CAFKA14-Don Miller (May 2014)


Duncan McLean White
From 1shot #154-all I’m thinking about right now… (Dec 2013)


From 1shot #141-a nod to Colville (Aug 2013)


Swing 058
From 1shot #135-swing (June 2013)


LUAI-promo-600x2400  Looking_Up_and_In_Gaukel_St
From my Looking Up and In projected photo show atop Kitchener City Hall (May 2013)
From  1shot #119-modern comfort (Apr 2013)

Sunday Walkaround (111)-overexposed
From 1shot #092-everything is fine (Feb 2013)


Oktoberfest 2012 parade 062-2
From Oktoberfest 2012 parade-reflected and unexpected (Oct 2012)



From the Looking Down series (Summer 2012)



From Looking up and in #001 (Sep 2012)



Waterloo Uptown Fire 421
From Waterloo on fire (Aug 2012)



Storm chasing 025
From 1shot #024-Drayton slumbers (Aug 2012)



Sunday Clouds 002-2
From 1shot #020-remembered from a painting (July 2012)



From 3 hours of coffee to 3 hour BlackBerry 9790 photo shoot (May 2012)



From Smartphone macro photography-on the cheap (Mar 2012)



From On a personal note… (Feb 2012)



The Jazz Room 118
From Got my jazz injection Saturday… (Nov 2011)



Rumpel Felt walk through 054
From Who’s putting art in Rumpel? BOX is, baby! (Sep 2011)



TEDxWaterloo 2012 267
From #TEDxWaterloo 2012 was a great time (Mar 2012)

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  1. jeremy kiers says:

    Hey there.
    I am simply in awe of your compostion. Unreal man. Keep up the good work.


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  3. Amazing shots!!! Love the marbles and Drayton Slumbers. I love them all actually! Inspiring 🙂

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