BOX11 Roundup 1/2–behind the BOX

BOX11 artist orientation 117

Now that we’ve all caught our breath from the fantastic BOX11 Art Show & Sale last month, it’s time for a little recap.  A look back.  It’s a two-parter that will really just scratch the surface of the amount of work and reward of that event.

1300 visitors to BOX11, 58 works sold, 3 days of awesome.

Artist Christina Preece (above) in silhouette in front of her painting.

If you came to the show, here’s some behind the scenes stuff you probably didn’t see…

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 292

In an earlier post we talked about the Stage 1 intake for artists’ work.  That was back in September, when each applicant artist submitted 4 pieces to the jury.  Those artists that were selected out of that round had a chance to produce additional work and bring it in for Stage 2 intake in November just before the show.  The work gets reassessed by the jury and they finalize what pieces will ultimately go in the show.  Our Dave White (above left) brought in 2 additional ginormous paintings for Stage 2 and the jurors checked it out.

BOX11 artist orientation 028

Y’all are by now familiar with Cathy Farwell, our determined and resourceful captain of the BOX ship.  I think Cathy pushes pause on the rest of her life for… about half the year to push BOX forward.  Respect.

Terry Torra’s awesome landscapes in the background.

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 064

Photographer Joe Martz hauled in multiple editions of various prints for the show.

BOXware - Coasters - Jacqui 031

Jacqui Murphy connects with BOX artists via her Art Allies effort that puts local producers together with local consumers of art.  If you pass the jury’s bar for BOX you get an optional one-year engagement on Art Allies.

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 068

When the work first arrives, it can’t be hung so it rests gently on bubble wrap on the floor.  Swati Soni’s amazing paintings here.  Swati’s first show ever and she sold out the first night!

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 002

Don Bourgeois heads up J.M. Drama that serves as BOX’s charitable sponsor and also works to keep The Registry Theatre ticking over on Frederick St.  As a lawyer, Don lends his expertise to the show.

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 065

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 008

Here is the core group of BOX organizers, all artists themselves.  From left to right: Cathy Farwell, Fatima Garzan, Denise Strong, Michelle Salter.  This crew has an advanced sense of humour and they are hilariously fun to work with.

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 174

Photographer Raegan Little and painter James Nye checkin’ out the Nye-o-sphere.

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 024

This year’s jurors l-to-r: Suzanne Luke, guest curator Jim Erb, and Jane Buyers.

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 069

Seeing Joe Martz’s photos (above) in this show, in additional to photography from Larry Williamson, Susan Campbell, and Denise Strong has inspired me to enter work for BOX12 next year.

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 169

Allan Hoch and Alex Hoch of Liteme Theatre Services once again transformed a factory space into an amazing gallery with their lighting kung fu.

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 061

The Hochs show up like the A-Team…

BOX11 artist orientation 249

and love it when a plan comes together.

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 027

Hey, there’s the BOX curator extraordinaire: Suzanne Luke.  In addition to her job at Laurier’s Robert Langdon Gallery, she also is a curator in residence at WalterFedy, and working with Art Allies on cool shows like Convergence at the Communitech Hub.  And I thought I was busy…

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 080

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 137

My pal and “war buddy” from the dot-com days, Von Darnell of Huckleberry Film Studios.  I asked Von to help tell the BOX story through her team’s unique vision and execution in video.  And she generously agreed.  You might remember Huck Film’s awesome work on their Steel Rails piece.

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 093

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 096

Yaeyul Kim’s work came wrapped up like candy.

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 098

l. t. dougherty’s sculpture/myth cabinet.

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 109

Encaustic work by Michelle Salter

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 111

Jen Gough representin’.

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 125

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 128

My pal Kate Colmer of the Huckleberry Film Studio crew.

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 141

The alchemy of Cathy Farwell: copper, chemicals, and a blowtorch.  Kindred spirit.

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 150

James Nye

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 198

Huck Films in action.  This is a tripod-mounted tracking dolly.  Camera slides left and right.

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 160

Christina Preece (I bought the one second from the right!)

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 201

Kate’s getting the low-angle with the old balance-the-track-on-my-knees trick.

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 279

My fave painting from Dave White.  That’s my grandfather, George Foster, holding the fish.  I miss that guy.

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 231

Dedicated BOX workers: Bill Klos and Jessica Farwell

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 234

The curator considers.  Prints by Nicholas Rees.

BOX11 Stage 2 Intake 251

Not art.  Denise asked me to shoot this for her.  She has a great eye for interesting stuff in the world.

BOX11 artist orientation 154

Terry Torra.  Now here’s where the work has been hung up by some hammer-drilling volunteers and lit by the Hoch men.

BOX11 artist orientation 161

Streetscapes by Yaeyul Kim.

BOX11 artist orientation 163

Cathy Farwell

BOX11 artist orientation 165

James Nye

BOX11 artist orientation 170

Susan Campbell

BOX11 artist orientation 182

Snacks!  Lemme just say, that as a volunteer you will not be fed better anywhere in the Region.

BOX11 artist orientation 185

The Thursday before the show there is an artist orientation where Cathy explains how the show will run, how work gets purchased, etc.  It’s a great pre-game warm-up.

BOX11 artist orientation 217

Joe Martz

BOX11 artist orientation 222

Greg Kirch

BOX11 artist orientation 239

Jason Keenan

BOX11 artist orientation 251

Fatima Garzan and her work.

BOX11 artist orientation 004

Attentive artists.

BOX11 artist orientation 006

Raegan Little

BOX11 artist orientation 008

We’ve got the power…

BOX11 artist orientation 014

Swati Soni

BOX11 artist orientation 019

l. t. dougherty

BOX11 artist orientation 038

Joe Martz

BOX11 artist orientation 041

Greg Kirch  – I bought this one, too.  Now showing in my kitchen.

BOX11 artist orientation 051

Shadow Dave White with his grandparents behind him.

BOX11 artist orientation 096

The canoe piece really popped off the wall once lit.

BOX11 artist orientation 097

Jakki Annerino

BOX11 artist orientation 122

Christina Preece – I bought this one.  Awesome treatment of light.

BOX11 artist orientation 140

I displayed some of the laser-cut BOXware schwag that I cooked up.


Me.  This is what tired photo bloggers (phloggers?) look like in post-processing.

BOX11 artist orientation 143

And then Rumpel Felt was all ready to rock the show.  Stay tuned for BOX11 Part 2.

Happy making,


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10 Responses to BOX11 Roundup 1/2–behind the BOX

  1. Wow Darin. Fabulous post. Really captures the amount of work that goes into making this show so wonderful. I’m so happy to be a part of it. Mostly because I get to work with great people like you!

  2. Swati says:

    Hello Darin,

    Wow! The photos are stunning. I really love them! You’ve done a brilliant job documenting the day.These photographs reminds me the whole journey with Box. It was a wonderful experience to be a part of Box 11. Thanks a lot for sharing this post.


  3. Suzanne says:

    Love your photo narratives – you really know how to capture the essence of a moment.
    Thanks for all your support!

  4. H. says:

    Wow. These photos look AMAZING.
    The portraits are so lovely 😀

    • dw says:

      Thanks H! If I was succesful shooting those portraits, it’s because I stood on the shoulders of giants. And by “giants”, I mean Von Darnell of the amazing Huckleberry Film Studio. Over lunch prior to the shoot, Von asked “You’re using lights, right?” Me: “Uh, no-uh-er I dunno” Von: “You gotta use lights. I have two options for you: 1. Ask to borrow Brennan’s less-expensive rig or 2. Use our $4000 setup” Me: “Door #1 please”

      Then Von and Kate *delivered* the lights to the venu and Von gave me the 15-minute crash course on lighting for portraits while Kate modelled.

      Massive thanks, Von!

  5. dw says:

    Thank you, commenters, for the kinds words. I really appreciate you taking a minute to give back.


  6. Von says:

    Hey DW,

    Love the photos and what you do with them to tell a story. It was wonderful to be part of this year’s BOX with you! And thank-you for the shout-outs!


  7. Amazing to see BOX 11 through your eyes Darin – blogger extraordinaire! You capture both the mood and excitement around the preparations for the event, and also the essential contributions of the fabulous volunteer team and talented BOX 11 artists. The portraits are absolutely candid and really wonderful.

    I can hardly wait to see Part 2. This is such a treat – you miss a lot when you’re at Ground Zero!

    Heartfelt thanks go to you DW for your enormous contribution to the success of BOX 11.

  8. Jane Buyers says:

    thanks for this Darin! It is a wonderful record of an amazing event.

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