Photos + Walter Fedy (grand opening / 60th birthday)

Walter Fedy 60th 002

Delighted to have some of my photos hanging

Walter Fedy 60th 007

at WalterFedy, who tonight celebrated 60 years in business and the grand opening of their new digs on Queen St in Kitchener. (I totally love their chalkboard)

Walter Fedy 60th 019

My good friend/artist/cultural visionary, Cathy Farwell (centre) of BOX11 fame is connected to WalterFedy through…

Walter Fedy 60th 045

her husband, the incomparable Roger Farwell, Architect and Partner with the firm.

Walter Fedy 60th 024

Cathy pitched an idea to Al Hayes (above), CEO and Managing Partner, and the rest of the WalterFedy crew, to infuse the new space with art in a novel way,…

Walter Fedy 60th 057

that is to engage curator Suzanne Luke (left) on a part-time basis to develop rotating exhibitions for WalterFedy’s workspace and connect with Meghan Kreller (right), Communications at WF to get those shows…

Walter Fedy 60th 060

hung.  Denise Strong’s photo of a window framed within an actual window.  My picture doesn’t do it justice.  Such a cool concept.

Walter Fedy 60th 066


Walter Fedy 60th 069

Great to see all my new photographer friends who also participated in the CAPTURED show, including Susan Campbell, Jared Davidson, Liz Dietrich, Brian Douglas, Ramy Nassar, Sean M. Puckett, Nicholas Rees, Denise Strong, Mark Walton, and Larry Williamson.

Walter Fedy 60th 074

Great party, and…

Walter Fedy 60th 093

I always find something new on each visit to WalterFedy.  Here, a giant aerial map of Waterloo Region with push pins marking all of the engagements…

Walter Fedy 60th 098

for the firm over the decades.

Walter Fedy 60th 100

Walter Fedy 60th 117

Mark Walton’s piece here.  Wow.

Walter Fedy 60th 121

Walter Fedy 60th 139

And Sean Puckett’s photo.  This really blew my hair back.

Walter Fedy 60th 151

Congrats WalterFedy on 60 years and thanks to you, Cathy, Roger, Suzanne, Meghan and my co-photographers for this really cool opportunity.

Happy making,


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5 Responses to Photos + Walter Fedy (grand opening / 60th birthday)

  1. ‘Captured’ is a must-see! Stellar!
    This group of photgraphers have pushed the bar way, way, way up there …with lots of highly successful risk taking.
    Congratulations to you all.

  2. H. says:

    Not to be all… you know, focused on food… but holy wow those snacks are gorgeous! Where were they from?

    Yes… it is 11:07am and i am already thinking about lunch….

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