BOX11 Roundup 2/2–in the BOX

BOX11 curator reception 024
mixed media – l. t. dougherty

Yes, it has been 5(!) months since the BOX11 Art Show & Sale and you know why this is a perfect time to be talkin’ about it again?  BOX is launching the Encore public open house series where you can check out new work that BOX artists have been cranking out since November.   Check out Encore on Wednesdays, May 2, 9, and 16, 5-7pm in WalterFedy’s amazing space at 675 Queen St. S, Kitchener.  Open to all.  Artists will be around for chatting.

As a warm-up, here are an unreasonable number of photos from BOX11 that show the private Curator’s Reception and the public 2-day show.  If you want to catch up first, check out Part 1/2 that shows the show set up.

BOX11 curator reception 300
Acrylic on canvas – Jennifer Gough

BOX opens with a really great invite-only Curator’s Reception on the Friday night.  Wine…

BOX11 curator reception 009

music… (Juneyt here bringing his awesome guitar)

BOX11 curator reception 258

and people!  Lots of people, in the former Rumpel Felt factory at Victoria and Duke,…

BOX11 curator reception 263
Oil on canvas – Mr. James Nye 

soaking in the art.

BOX11 curator reception 054

BOX11 curator reception 277

There were snacks, too.  Amazing snacks.  And you know I always shoot the snacks, but missed this time.

BOX11 curator reception 286

I was all wrapped up in this dramatic lighting by Alan and Alex Hoch.  I was on a real bender last year shooting people in crowds in silhouette.  And this was perfect for that.

BOX11 curator reception 297

BOX11 curator reception 215
Acrylic on wood panel – Greg Kirch

I bought this painting from Greg Kirch as soon as I stepped in the door.  He’s got a small studio on King right around the corner from James Nye’s studio.  Two of my fave painters on the same block in DTK.

BOX11 curator reception 007

Hello artist, Christina Preece.  Bought an awesome painting from Christina 3 minutes after buying Greg’s piece, so all the shopping was done within 10 minutes of doors-open.

BOX11 curator reception 021
Background: Oil on canvas – David G. White      Foreground: Photographs – Raegan Little 

BOX11 curator reception 026

BOX11 curator reception 035

Tried to stay out of the shot for the multi-talented Brennan Bell, shooting video for Huckleberry Film Studios.  I invited Huck’s founder and my very good friend Von Darnell to shoot BOX, and they put out an awesome video.

BOX11 curator reception 047

Each venue for the 3 BOX events since 2009 have a different character.

BOX11 curator reception 062
Photographs –
Joe Martz 

Hello photographer, Joe Martz.

BOX11 curator reception 092

BOX11 curator reception 125
Acrylic on canvas – Swati Soni

Swati hit a home run at the show, selling out all her work.

BOX11 curator reception 110

Hello photographer, Susan Campbell (left)

BOX11 curator reception 128
Oil on canvas – Mr.
James Nye

Jame’s work showed so well on this wall.  Perfect.

BOX11 curator reception 147

Guest curator Jim Erb representing BOX11’s charity partner.

BOX11 curator reception 162

BOX11 curator Suzanne Luke may kill me for including this one, but it captures exactly how I feel when I buy a piece of art that I totally love.

BOX11 curator reception 169
Acrylic on canvas – nik harron 

You can appreciate nik’s work on the macro scale…

BOX11 curator reception 238

and the micro scale.

BOX11 curator reception 165

Debbie Currie (right) is *everywhere* there’s something art-related happening in town and BOX11 was no exception.  Creative Enterprise’s Heather Sinclair (left).

BOX11 curator reception 172
Photographs – Larry Williamson

BOX11 curator reception 181
Left: Oil on canvas – Terry Torra       Right: Oil on canvas – Yaeyul Kim 

BOX11 curator reception 233

BOX11 curator reception 243
Acrylic on canvas – Fatima Garzan

BOX11 curator reception 246

BOX11 096

And that wrapped up the Curator’s Reception, which lead to the public main event on Saturday and Sunday…

BOX11 015

Before the show opened on Saturday morning, just like last year, there was a historical talk…

BOX11 025

by Associate Professor Geoffrey Hayes from the Department of History at the University of Waterloo. He described the history of the Rumpel Felt company and the historical context throughout the lifetime of the company. Professor Hayes had some terrific old photos combined with some great video of felt making machinery running in the factory.

BOX11 048

There was an optional $5 kick-ass box lunch from e.v.o. Kitchen available during the talk.

BOX11 196
Oil on canvas – David G. White

My very own bro, Dave White, had his amazing pieces in the show.  They really popped with the lighting here, which is a little different than Dave’s kitchen studio.

BOX11 204
Acrylic on canvas – Swati Soni

BOX11 214

Good crowds came out both days.

BOX11 216

The green window panels made me think Mountain Dew bottles.

BOX11 246

Cool box pyramid of BOX contributors.

BOX11 251

BOX11 273
mixed media – l. t. dougherty

Behind this tiny 6” door…

BOX11 432
mixed media – l. t. dougherty

was a tiny tiny world…

BOX11 429
mixed media – l. t. dougherty

that really captivated viewers of all ages.

BOX11 030

BOX11 032

Great remnants…

BOX11 040

from the past.

BOX11 044
Encaustic – Michelle Salter 

The fast-fencing allows a lot of flexibility in hanging the work.

BOX11 047

Big lighting challenge in here for the Hoch men.  They had to use beam clamps to mount all this gear and then contend with all that super-green light beaming through the windows.  They’re such pros, they nailed it.

BOX11 057

My pals Kate Colmer and Von Darnell from Huckleberry Film Studios shooting B roll.

BOX11 072

BOX chief, Cathy Farwell (left), chatting up the crowd.

BOX11 083

Hi Swati…

BOX11 085

and Larry…

BOX11 094

and Joe.

BOX11 114

Waterloo Regional Chair, Ken Seiling, stopped by.

BOX11 104

Artist Nicholas Rees.

BOX11 116

I love the smiles at the show.  There’s something about art…

BOX11 117

combined with connecting personally with the artist.

BOX11 129

My Dad rolled in, chatting up Raegan, while my Mom and Carolyn checked out Dave’s work.

BOX11 136
Oil on canvas – Terry Torra

Not surprising, it turned out that my Dad knows Terry Torra’s (in cap) brother from back in the day in Sarnia.

BOX11 145

The fabulous BOX cashiers!

BOX11 390

On the Sunday morning, there was a really great…

BOX11 399

art appreciation talk, featuring Jane Buyers, Mary Misner, and Suzanne Luke.  Through this talk, and just hanging around shooting photos during the jurying process, I learned a ton about the importance of a body of work, presentation of work, pricing, and a whack of other stuff.  Fascinating.

BOX11 305

More box lunches on Sunday, and then…

BOX11 416

more looking at…

BOX11 420
Left to right, work by: Terry Torra, Yaeyul Kim, David G. White

the art.

BOX11 396

Caught myself wondering how long these catches of felt had been stuck to this post.

BOX11 435
Encaustic – Michelle Salter

Hi Michelle (right).

BOX11 438
Oil on canvas –
Terry Torra

BOX11 442

Artist and my friends, Denise Strong and Cathy Farwell, surprised by the camera once again.

BOX11 453
Oil on canvas – David G. White

You should buy this piece from Dave.  My photo doesn’t do justice to the blues.

BOX11 332

In fact, you can ask Dave (left) about that and other pieces of his work at the upcoming BOX Encore open houses at WalterFedy (remember?  May 2, 9, 16, 5-7pm).  If there’s one thing Dave likes to talk about, it’s his paintings.

BOX11 447
Laser-cut BOXware schwag hat – Darin White, Model: Jennifer Bedford

And with a tip of the hat…

BOX11 458

BOX11 was a wrap.  The artists rallied for a bit of admin stuff before we started breaking down the show.  I have to tell you, I have never, in my life, been treated as well as a volunteer as I was during the BOX11 show.  Respect!  Hey, you should consider volunteering this year!

BOX11 466

A few extra BOX art cards.

BOX11 315

Cathy’s already thinking about the next BOX opportunity.

And with that, I’m really curious what new work the BOX artists have come up with in the past 5 months.  Should make for interesting open houses in May.

Happy making,

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  1. cathy Farwell says:

    Yes I am!

    BOX 12 – on Nov. 16, 17, 18 – will be in downtown Galt in the old “Right House Department Store” at the corner of Main and Ainsley, right in the middle of restaurants, shops, art galleries…it’s going to be so,so much fun! The BOX Organizers are excited about planning this event with a slightly different twist; from ‘old factory’ to ‘old department store’.

    Thanks Darin for this conclusion to your amazing chronicle of BOX 11. You were there all year long with insight, humour and enthusiam. Such a gift of talent, time and friendship. You are the best !!!!!

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