Ceci n’est pas un mur en briques


I took a peek at the kwartzlab cam from home tonight and saw the most wonderful trompe l’oeil in the workroom.  Curious, I grabbed my camera and headed over to the lab…


Amazing!  Artist and friend-of-kwartzlab, Agnes Niewiadomski, and her co-conspirator, the ever-lovin’ James Bastow, had installed Agnes’ piece on the art wall: a woven textile brick wall representation.  Sweet!  You gotta see this thing up close.  Agnes is January+0.5*February featured artist at the lab, opening next Tuesday, January 11, 7-10pm!  There are rumours of brick-cake, so skip dessert that night.


Solid turnout for the weekly Tuesday Open Night (TON).


Nikon vs Nikon.


And good news all around on the art front: Caliban Strange, kwartzlab’s most controversial artist to date, is returning for CALIbAN’s REVENGE, showing at the lab starting mid-Feb.  Deets soon.

TON 088

Memories of the last Caliban show hubbub had us all laughing.


Karl brought in his tethered quadcopter that features a POV LED display…

TON 050

which Don got pretty good at flying and landing.

TON 070

Hey!  shardy (of Site3 fame, all the way from the big city) and Desirae are in the house!


shardy brought the latest rev of his flame-effects control board, complete with wireless link.  Nice.

TON 021

Alex pondered allocation of the tool budget.

TON 056

Karl is making an Antikythera gravity-powered generator.

TON 063

Here are some gears he cut on his CNC mill for the gpg.

TON 022

Natalie allotted me one photo of her tonight.  This is that photo.

TON 073

My aie!con watched over…

TON 086

Bernie’s clocks…

TON 089

while James dreamed of brick cake.

Happy making,


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