Memories of the Box 10 Art Show & Sale from November

More blog catch-up!  Before we get too far from November and from Cathy Farwell & Co’s fantastic Box 10 Art Show & Sale, I wanted to share these pics from the event and suggest you talented makers queue up your submissions to the jury for the next show: Box 11 coming Nov 12/13, 2011.  This is a unique and accessible art show that will really blow your hair back.

Box10 043.jpg

You know how it works: you pop it in your calendar now and then you don’t miss it on the other end of the year.

Box10 051.jpg

The Breithaupt Block.  Construction gets underway this year on phase 1 of the re-envisioning.  What a cool and interesting venue!

Box10 006.jpg

The cachet of an after-party at this rather unassuming door.

Box10 007.jpg

Love the graffiti behind the sign on the door.

Box10 011.jpg

There’s Cathy in the midst of the crowd in the red vest.  Hey, I remember these free-standing display screens from last year’s Box 9!  They’re genius.

Box10 012.jpg

The industrial clerestory windows made the space seem almost church-like.

Box10 014.jpg

Peeling paint, danger signs, and caution tape.  This is definitely my kind of place.  Can you believe the natural light here?

Box10 018.jpg

Everywhere I go, I’m a big fan of the guts of an event.  Man-lift!  Liteme Theatre Services, J.M. Drama Alumni, and The Registry Theatre sponsored the lighting, designed and installed by Allan Hoch and Alex Hoch.  Great job.

Box10 020.jpg

The place was jammed.  I had a great time talking one on one with some of the artists.

Box10 022.jpg

My friend, Denise Strong, is doing these most amazing mixed-media oil paint + laminated and distressed plywood.  To stand in front of this piece you’d think you could dip your toe right into Lake Huron.  Beautiful.

Box10 026.jpg

Who let this guy in here?

Box10 028.jpg

The “forbidden” areas of the building had these amazing pits.  And check out the gigantic riveted beams above!

Box10 033.jpg

A nod to the manufacturing origins of the venue, these two enormous gears were a centre-piece for the show.  I understand from staff that these were not liftable by the available forklift and had to be rolled into place.  That’s a 6-foot gear that must have been 18 inches thick and solid steel.

Box10 037.jpg

Some really nice dramatic lighting behind the gears that I did a sub-optimal job of capturing.  Better pics this year with the new camera.

Box10 040.jpg

Check out the teeth on the big gear!

Box10 044.jpg

Mr. Bond, I presume?

Box10 045.jpg

Hats off to whomever cut this 12 inch gear shaft with a cutting torch.

Box10 047.jpg

Cathy Farwell had a number of new pieces in the show that I just love.  She paints oils over carefully corroded copper plate.  You really have to see it in person.  Cathy captivated the audience at my 5+5 event at kwartzlab last year where she gave a talk on the process of doing her work.

Box10 046.jpg

Here’s Cathy chatting with Jacqui Murphy of Art Allies (another group you should know about).  Thanks to Cathy and her gentle army of volunteers, sponsors, and supporters for putting together another amazing show.  A real Waterloo region original.  See you in November!

Happy making,


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