Agnes Niewiadomski is a maker’s maker

mobile camera mount board 081
fabric, stitching – Agnes Niewiadomski

My wickedly talented friend, artist, baker, and killah propmaker (rhyme!),
Agnes Niewiadomski is the current artist in residence at kwartzlab.  I popped by the lab on Sunday with James Bastow and once again Agnes’ work really blew my hair back.

Regular readers may recall Agnes’ textile brick wall installation or her cake wall installation (Was it art?  Was it food?  Who cares: it was the best damned installation I ever ate.)  This recent piece above utilized neckties and Agnes’ uber-kickass new sewing machine to render a psychedelic fish.  Respect.

You should drop by kwartzlab’s Tuesday Open Night, free-no-pay, doors open every week from 7-10pm, to check out this work in real life (lurkers).  Bravo to the lab for offering this residency where artists get access to space, tools, know-how, and a super-supportive community of fellow creators.

mobile camera mount board 085
lasercut fabric, fusible webbing, wire, polystyrene – Agnes Niewiadomski

These faux (and I almost *never* use that word) ferns are blazing colour on the bottom side…

mobile camera mount board 093

and green green on the top.

mobile camera mount board 095

There’s some serious makery happening here that Agnes lays out for the curious.

mobile camera mount board 096

mobile camera mount board 109

Even the scraps look good.

mobile camera mount board 106

Hey, I’m pretty sure Agnes is looking for a prop-making gig.  Her dream being to find work creating props in Stratford.  If you can help make a connection for her there, please shoot me an email and I’ll introduce you to the maker herself.  To see more of Agnes’ work check out her site:

mobile camera mount board 099

mobile camera mount board 102

Yes, she *is* out this week, way out in the Bay Area with James for San Fran fun and Maker Faire 2012, soaking up new inspiration, but she’ll be back.

Happy making,

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