Get yer mug on–WPW pottery sale April 21-23

UTW 2017-03-23 092b

This is my kitchen cupboard. Aside from a few mugs painted by our live-in artists, it is filled with locally-thrown goodness from the Waterloo Potters Workshop.

If you’re new here, the WPW fired up (ahem) 49 years ago and has called the old Eby farmhouse in Waterloo Park home for almost as long. Keeping the lights on and the kilns hot is in large part accomplished through a spring and fall pottery sale, the former of which is happening April 21-23 at the Rec Complex. Put that in your calendar right now. Details on the spring sale here.

If you buy a mug every year, I can say two things with certainty: you’ll have a cool collection of unique mugs, and you’ll have supported a bunch of talented potters who are also some of the nicest people you’re likely to meet. Oh, and one more thing: you’ll sustain this organization that is the gateway for new potters to take up the craft.

Important note: while I drink from all these mugs, I was not involved in the very artful selection of said mugs. Lisa does that. I did carry the box of pottery during at least one sale.


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