1shot #227-the art district gallery tonight

-Art District Gallery-113

I hear that some of my favourite artists are hanging and hanging out tonight for the opening of the art district gallery. James Nye, Greg Kirch, Amy Ferrari will be in the house with a whack of others. 5pm to 10pm to the right of the front door to the Kitchener Market (map) on King Street. The room was empty yesterday morning when Brohemus and I peeked in, but all the hangers were on the wall and I’m sure it will be jammed tonight.

Also on tonight and tomorrow is the Globe Studio spring show/sale only five blocks from the Market at Whitney and Cedar (map) so it’s pretty easy for you to hit both of these shows. 4pm to 9pm is the Globe thing and they’re also open on Saturday.

I’m going early to both shows. Hopefully see you there, dear reader.

From King and Cedar, this is DTK.


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