kwartzlab Tuesday Open Night—right now!


kwartzlab Tuesday Open Night is on tonight 7-10pm. If you’ve never been, why not come out tonight and check it out.

Here’s maker Tennessee Carmel-Veilleux and his drawbot rig. The two servo-driven disks are hooked to linkage which has a pen mounted to it. It was a month ago that I shot this photo so I hope he’s at the lab tonight so I can check in on this project. Something I love about Open Night and this project is that Tennessee is figuring it out and those of us that show up get to see the work in progress.

Best to come to the lab from Courtland along Kent to Charles. Oh, construction!

From one of the coolest damned makerspaces anywhere, this is Kitchener.

A few more pics to entice you from the sofa… tonight…


Some math behind Tennessee’s drawbot, and some…




Laser-cut acrylic, LEGO beams, awesome.


This is a start.


Speaking of starts, here’s mega-maker Paul Walker (right) turning on this trouble light with…


with this rig that lets you control AC loads with logic level gear.


And finally, James Bastow’s drool-worthy Novena laptop designed by ultra-maker Bunnie Huang.

Come to the lab. Meet nice people. See cool stuff.


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  1. Nosey Nick says:

    The PST(2) are pretty neat, and work great, BUT beware they are NOT CSA-approved (or any of the other compatible certifications). If you were hoping to deploy them somewhere accessible to the public where power certifications / approvals are required, you can expect to fail your next inspection. If you deploy them in your house, and they are in any way (even remotely) involved in a house fire, your insurer may refuse to pay out. Now for some extreme hackers/makers perhaps PSTs are the least of their worries, but MOST of us are fine ‘cos we’re playing with low voltages, with CSA-approved stuff between us and the wall.
    ’tis a real shame. I encourage you all to email the PST people and ask if/when they are going to get the approvals done. My understanding is it’s a “haven’t been bothered” thing, not a cost thing, not a safety thing. They’re pretty damned well built units, and SHOULD pass a certification if they took them through the process :-/

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