1shot #228-boots on the ground


Yes, again. I was heading out from the Hub on Friday afternoon and spotted these work boots lined up on the curb near the corner of Victoria and Michael St.

No, I don’t have a foot fetish, nor even a footwear fetish. I just suffer from an irrepressible curiosity that is applied evenly across the broader enigmas and mundane mysteries. No owner in sight. No obvious signs of a struggle. Quite the opposite: only half the people in my house line up shoes in the front hallway this neatly.

Current working theory: this is some selfless social-good side-channel mechanism of equipping those in need. Like you might leave a lawnmower on a lawn or a snow shovel in a snow bank. You leave footwear where people walk. Buddy’s making the long haul home across Victoria and, lo… size 12’s! Sweet.

This is Kitchener.


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  1. Davw says:

    I saw these boots too. They were beside a sidewalk excavation, only figured it was one of the workers.

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