1shot #186-we’ll always have Paris

Paris Fair 2014 046-3

Like holes in air, this dusty pair in Paris. Paris, Ontario, that is. I swung down to the Paris Fair yesterday and soaked in the visually rich environment and broad cross-section of the county who attend the show. I grew up visiting the county fairs at Brigden and Alvinston over in Lambton County, so while I’m a visitor in the rural landscape, all fairs are familiar and delightful.

This Percheron from Sandcastle Farms in Bright, Ontario took third place in the horse judging, but placed first with me for a great visual. Studying Fine Art at the University of Guelph years ago, we would take our sketchbooks across Gordon Street and draw the horses corralled by the veterinary college. They are fantastic forms of muscle, bone, veins, and tendons in a velvet package. I don’t typically shoot animals, but horses have a special gravity that compels me to trip the shutter.


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