My favourite welder and career shifting


Welder-fabricator, to be exact. My brother from the very same mother, David G. White, aka Brohemus. Dave has a degree in Fine Art and History. He paints. He draws. And he builds gigantic tanks by day. Twenty years ago, Dave and I took a welding course at Conestoga College on Sundays to skill up and for fun. Much later on, Dave made a career shift to work with his hands every day. He worked a very physical landscaping job all day to pay the bills and attended a private welding school every evening. Earning his welding tickets in all positions, he eventually got a job he loves and is a real student of his craft, always learning and always pushing to get better.

Likewise, I’m stepping into a new dimension of photography, learning about lighting. This portrait shot was a trial to see if I achieve a certain effect of hard lighting on the subject with the light falling off radically in the surroundings. I haven’t quite got it yet, but awesome photog Mathew McCarthy generously offered some advice and my good friend Cedric Puddy is kindly loaning me some lighting gear so I can try a bunch of stuff before I go off shopping for gear of my own. GSD, every day.


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  1. Agnes says:

    Totally got that Breaking Bad stare down. Nice shot!

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