3 photogs with sustained attention–Thu night @ Laurier Library


Hey, *this* is the week: Thursday, Oct 20 I’ll be hanging out with photogs Stefan Rose (left) and Stephen Orlando (right) at the Laurier Library for the reception of our show f/1.4 The Changing Face of Contemporary Photography. That’s part of the LIFT Series developed by curator Suzanne Luke.

We are so keen to have you join us that we met up on Saturday night in front of the library and held very still so I could take this long-exposure promo shot in the dark. Ideally, we’d ask you to RSVP, but don’t let that get in the way of you dropping by to say hello. From 7-8pm we’ll be upstairs on our respective floors chatting about our work and answering questions. At 8pm we’ll come down to the Langen Gallery just inside the front doors and hear a few words from Suzanne and continue the conversations. It’s free-no-pay with snacks and cash bar.

I asked my fellow photogs a few questions.

DW: What has your experience been like, putting this show together?

Stephen Orlando: The experience has been great so far. It’s been nice meeting everyone in the arts community in Kitchener-Waterloo because I don’t really meet too many people in the arts community.

DW: Anything you hope to get out of the show?

SO: Just to meet more people like you guys in the community to come up with new ideas and collaborations in the future.

DW: Stefan, why did you decide to participate in the LIFT Series?

Stefan Rose: I thought it would be a great opportunity to have work up for a longer term than usual exhibitions. To have it up for almost a year. And then to have as many students as come through the library to see the work, to get it into people’s heads in a different way. That was really exciting for me.

DW: Anything you’d like to add?

SR: I really enjoy the fact that the works, in a sense, become multiplied by the transition from the upper floor with Stephen’s work, with three very large images, to my fifteen medium sized images then to your explosion of multiple images.

DW: For myself, I’m always very interested in bringing the art to the people. I’ve supported efforts that do this like BOX Art, Art Allies and the Tri-City Stopgap show. Any time we’re getting art outside of a traditional gallery, it has an amplification effect to reach a broader audience and especially a crowd that may be new to the visual arts. Somehow art became separated from daily life and I’m optimistic that we can remedy that through shows like this one.

At Albert and University, this is Waterloo.


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