Giving a lite Lightroom workshop at the lab


Hey friends, I’m giving an intro workshop on Lightroom as part of my artist-in-residence gig at kwartzlab. Sunday March 29 7pm-9pm. There are seven spots left. It’s free-no-pay and if you sign up, you gotta show up. Hit the doodle if you want to join in. We’re capping the class at 15 people. Click through for deets.

I will give a guerrilla tour of my speedy’ish photography workflow using Adobe Lightroom. Makers are welcome to download a 30-day trial of Lightroom[1] and bring it installed on a laptop with a whack of your own photos. My goal is to get photos posted to my blog ( as fast as possible. There’s something awesome about the immediacy of a photo when you can get it to the street quickly. I reckon a lot of digital photos in the world languish on disk, never to be seen again. I’ll talk a bit about overcoming that inertia by using my blog as a discipline to share, and a fast workflow to overcome photo-sharing inertia. While this isn’t a deep-dive course, I will touch on such subjects as:

  • shooting RAW
  • organizing your photo storage
  • photo selection
  • meta data
  • user presets for applying “the usual” changes broadly
  • fixing whitebalance
  • basic retouching and cropping (with Lightroom 5+ I rarely need to go out to Photoshop now)
  • watermarking
  • cutting JPEGs for sharing
  • putting photos out in the world

Cap is set to 15 people.

Got questions? Email me at If you sign up and want to drive the Lightroom demo, please be sure to have it installed and running on your laptop prior to the workshop as we won’t have time for sorting that out, nor will we want to be downloading 15 copies of it on the lab wifi. Looking forward to talking about this thing I love to do.


[1] – I’m not on commission and I’m not wild about the subscription-based software rental model that Adobe uses now, but I’ve found Lightroom to be the best fit for me at the moment. You can also buy it standalone for $160 at Amazon until the end of May[2], which is what I did.

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