Lightroom workshop worked at kwartzlab

Lightroom_Workshop5 001

Why is this man smiling? This is my old friend Barry Reville. He was one of 14 peeps who came out to kwartzlab last night for my Guerrilla Lightroom Workflow workshop. Some people learned some stuff, so that’s always a win. And the workshop brought out a few new visitors to the lab, which doubles the win. I’ve linked my slides here and that deck will make a lot more sense if Matt Bells shares the video he shot of the workshop.

This wraps up my 3-month artist-in-residence gig at kwartzlab. Big shout out to the maker members who support the program. I’ll still be dropping by on Tuesday Open Nights to tweak and update the photobooth I built. You will be delighted to learn that the next artist-in-residence is the ever-lovin’ Mr. Jon Johnson. You can learn more about this cool dude in the profile I wrote on him last year.

Happy makin’,

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4 Responses to Lightroom workshop worked at kwartzlab

  1. Jim says:

    Thanks for a great workshop, Darin! Now I just need to take more pictures.

  2. Barry says:

    Do you ever have those times where you think, “I probably should have showered before I went out…?”

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