Repost: Screen Printing–Part 1–Materials

Bringing back some old stuff  from the deep web after talking with designer/screen printer extraordinaire Jon Johnson last week. This post was pre-kwartzlab, back when we were nomadic makers, building the community, under the temporary MakeKW banner.  So cool to see the same spirit in action today, six years later, at kwartzlab and in the broader community.  Proud?  Yer damned right I am.  -DW







screen_printing_part_1 005

Continuing from Part 0…

The bulb has been found.  After calling Henry’s, Bent’s, and Home Depot, and putting out a maker-materials APB, I finally tracked down a BBA No. 1 250W Photoflood at BJ Photo.  $8.  4 hours of life.  Sort of ironic that I find the bulb within a kilometer of my desk at work.  Bikeable.  Nice.

Apparently I need this bulb to do the exposure of the photo-sensitive emulsion on the screen…

screen_printing_part_1 009

that you brew up with this stuff from Wyndham Art Supplies (thank you Mr. Turi for the delivery from Guelph).  Hold on a sec–what’s up with the screen printing all of a sudden?  I thought it would be cool to make some custom t-shirts for Maker Faire…


but I didn’t count on all the delays getting the Speedball order in followed by the long weekend followed by Arduino 201 prep followed by hacklab trip.  So now it’s getting sort of tight time-wise.  But let’s see what’s possible anyway…

screen_printing_part_1 003

I hope this is polyester.  Yes, that receipt says 2005.  I got a little distracted… for 4 years.  This is the screen fabric.

screen_printing_part_1 001

Some ready-made frames for $2ea at the dollar store.  Wish they were ever-so-slightly bigger, but, hey, we’re on a schedule here.  Off with the canvas.  On with the polyester.

screen_printing_part_1 002

Always loved this packaging.   I think I have good associations with it and my initial discovery of the joy of stapleguns.

screen_printing_part_1 011

And a hunk of glass to hold the mask down during exposure.  Also from the “dollar” store.  If this project works out, the certificate itself will come in handy.

screen_printing_part_1 008

And a couple T’s from Marks Work Wearhouse.  Two for $24.

Now if only my misplaced Adobe Illustrator install CD would drop out of the sky on my desk I could create these vector graphics.

Part 2 to come.

Make: a right turn.

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