Repost: Screen Printing–Part 0–Idea

Bringing back some old stuff  from the deep web after talking with designer/screen printer extraordinaire Jon Johnson last week. This post was pre-kwartzlab, back when we were nomadic makers, building the community, under the temporary MakeKW banner.  So cool to see the same spirit in action today, six years later, at kwartzlab and in the broader community.  Proud?  Yer damned right I am.  -DW








I wanted to make t-shirts for our Maker Faire Bay Area trip. Never screen printed before. Time to get to work. Here’s a mock-up of the front…



and a mock-up of the back of my shirt with the electronic ground symbol, and…


a mock-up of Dave’s shirt, him being the welder and all.

Now what? Some googling of methods and then some shopping for materials…


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