CAFKA + Walper Hotel + great art = cultural profit

City Hall test 2 101

Yes, this is *exactly* what you think it is: a bicycle absolutely caked with paperclips.  CAFKA connected some great artists and their work with The Walper Hotel in DTK and the reception was Thursday night.  Show runs through Aug 11.  Def check it out.

Artists are Laura De Decker (Waterloo, ON), Dave Dyment (Toronto, ON), Manuela Lalic (Montréal, QC), Tor Lukasic-Foss (Hamilton, ON), Ellen Moffat (Saskatoon, SK), Janet Morton (Guelph, ON), Daniel Olson (Montréal, QC), and Stephanie Vegh (Hamilton, ON)

City Hall test 2 053

Laura De Decker’s work in the lobby.

City Hall test 2 060

Lots of familiar faces around: Robin, Sue, Agnes…

City Hall test 2 064


City Hall test 2 065


City Hall test 2 079

Bernie and Laura.

City Hall test 2 080

Marcel and the photographer I need to apologize to for a completely unintentional photo-bomb.  Sorry dude.

City Hall test 2 083

Melissa and nik.

City Hall test 2 090

Bill, James, and and…

City Hall test 2 091

The internet before affordable computing and storage.  Kidding, it’s art with a cool mirror effect across the hall.

City Hall test 2 094

And we were all transfixed in the uncanny valley of this piece.

City Hall test 2 099

The paperclip bike also had cacti.  You really gotta see it.

City Hall test 2 106

Couldn’t stay long as we had to book it over to The Cube at City Hall to check out exposure test #2 for my Looking Up and In show to be projected up top mid-May to mid-June from 8:30 to 10pm most/many/some nights.


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