The importance of brothers


Today is David G. White’s birthday. My brother from the very same mother. Brohemus, Brojie, and other variations not shareable in polite company. We’ve been rolling together for 45 years. This is a photo of us taken by our Dad at Lakeport State Park in Michigan where we spent most of summers. I can still remember how comfortable that old seat was out of Dad’s ‘52 Chev pickup. We played trucks in the dirt, built forts, go-karts, bow and arrows. Jumped ramps on our bikes. Swam in the lake and played baseball in the fields of Canatara Park. What we didn’t know back then was that life would be in equal parts incredibly complicated, challenging, difficult, wonderful, inspiring, rewarding, and awesome. Dave lives only 10 minutes away from me and Thursday is Bro Night. I am a rich man.


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  1. Dave White says:

    Thanks, Dar. You’re very kind. I, too, am a rich man and a lucky one to boot since I’m fortunate enough to have a brother as a best friend

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