1shot-The car is king on Columbia Street

Columbia St W at Erbsville Rd-131

Students skirt a muddy bog into traffic where a sidewalk was to be built. In 2007. Now with the latest fixup completion date in 2017, this 150m gap for pedestrians and cyclists presents a daily gamble on the 2km route to Sir John A MacDonald high school.

Make this better.

On Columbia Street West at Ervsbille Road, this is Waterloo.


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One Response to 1shot-The car is king on Columbia Street

  1. Nosey Nick says:

    The road isn’t exactly perfect either. Few years back I managed to hit a monster pothole cunningly disguised as a muddy puddle, slightly East of that pic but before the Fire Sta. Did $3000 worth of damage, I kid you not, 2 tires, 2 wheels, a FRONT BUMPER which hit the road, and I think some shocks / suspension damage too. City wormed their way out of a claim because they ALLEGEDLY measured the pothole on date X and date Y and it was smaller than some provincial minimum defined pothole size or something. As far as I can tell, the only way you could make a claim is if you measured it yourself, twice, 24hrs apart, and STILL hit it afterwards. GRRR 🙁

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