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1shot #065-what engaged community looks like…

Waterloo students had *their* say in the bitter cold of the public square today.  At issue is the impact on student life of the job action and associated strife between the teachers’ union and the Ontario government.  Wherever you come … Continue reading

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DISCONNECT connected

Tony Reinhart and I are super-happy with the turnout, interest, and participation in our show, DISCONNECT over the weekend at the Communitech Hub at The Tannery.  I’ll tell you a few things that went into this Culture Days gig, but … Continue reading

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1shot #042-watching the door

Only 8 days until DISCONNECT.  Straight through these Tannery doors and hook a left to the Communitech Hub. DW

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1shot #034-all packed

This packer was sitting on the completely levelled site in uptown Waterloo.  Former home of ish&chips and some folks renting above.  It’s a slightly surreal gap.  The aftermath of the big fire is… construction. DW

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1shot #033-heart exploded

Waterloo Memorial Rec Complex, rear parking lot.  Thanks to Dave White for scouting this location on his dog walks.  I love how the bicycle tires have gouged out a star of sorts in the heart. DW

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Hack: wireless live-view for polecam v2–$50

Photo – A&C Back in July, I posted about my new Looking Down series of photos.  What I didn’t show are the tools I built to do this series.  This is the polecam: a camera mounted on the end of … Continue reading

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