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TORCAM CNC mill comes alive with Easel/GRBL

  For those not following along, I’m helping revive some long-unused CNC machine tools at our awesome local high school, Sir John A. MacDonald in Waterloo, Ontario Canada…

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Refitting a TORCAM CNC lathe controller

It’s been an interesting three weeks since Part 2 (and before that, Part 1) of this project to reverse engineer and make operational a twenty year old CNC lathe and mill at my favourite local high school. If you like … Continue reading

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Reverse engineering a TORCAM CNC lathe controller

About a month ago, I connected with Arden’s high school tech teacher to see if we could get the CNC lathe and mill going in SJAM’s shop. It had been inherited from another school and as far as we knew … Continue reading

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High school hacking

A funny thing happened last week on the way to meet-the-teacher night at Sir John A. MacDonald high school (SJAM, as we call it). Speaking with Arden’s tech teacher, Dean Henderson, I asked if his shop had any CNC-enabled machining … Continue reading

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Karl Williams–The Machine Art Exhibit opens

My good friend Karl Williams opened his show at kwartzlab last week.  He’s playing with some interesting ideas around the translation of ideas to digital designs to realization of the work via machines such as his 3-axis CNC mill.  Here’s … Continue reading

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