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how-to: do cheap macro photography on a BlackBerry

[Imagine a giant disclaimer here that says I speak for RIM about BlackBerry officially only on matters of product security.  Everything else, like this post, is just me as an independent maker, messing around on my own time, in absolutely … Continue reading

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3 hours of coffee to 3 hour BlackBerry 9790 macro shoot

I had two people email-introduce me to Tony Reinhart last week, saying “You gotta meet this guy!”  Well, thanks to Jacqui Murphy and Mark Walton, Tony and I ended up chatting at Coffee Culture for 3 hours this morning, PlayBooks … Continue reading

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More macro-on-the-cheap

So, more shots from by BlackBerry 9790 + a cheap plastic lens busted out from a disposable camera.  Lots of trial and error (mostly error).  Recalling how well the green die turned out last time, luminescent and all, I poked … Continue reading

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Smartphone macro photography–on the cheap

I cracked open one of those 1-time-use disposable film cameras, pulled the 8mm plastic lens out, and taped it on the front of my smartphone.  You have to manually focus by moving the phone, but you get some interesting results … Continue reading

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