I remember



Back row, centre: George Foster, my grandfather. A pivotal figure in my life.

I remember every day.


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No. 23 Platoon, B Company, M.T.W. A21 – C.O.C.T.C Barriefield, Ont., Jan., 1944



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A21 Royal Canadian Ordinance Corps Training Centre – Camp Barriefield

Left to right

Back Row

Chuck Galatia (Toronto, Ont)
Tom Forkin (Vancouver, BC)
Henry Fordham (Windsor, Ont)
Les Harman (Toronto, Ont)
Jim Henderson (London, Ont)
Chas Ferguson (London, Ont)
Les Graham (Middlemiss, Ont)
Doug Harris (Vancouver, BC)
Ralph Harris (Moncton, NB)
G. Gauthier (Dawson Creek, BC)
George Foster (Sarnia, Ont)
? Gibbs (Stratford, Ont)
Jack Hergott (St. Catharines, Ont)

Centre Row

Jack Gray (Owen Sound, Ont)
Gus Gaurley (St. John, NB)
Ed Gobells (Vancouver, BC)
Jac Hark (Toronto, Ont)
Gord Gaul (Stratford, Ont)
Doug Grant (Wataskiwin, Alta)
Basic Hancock (Kitchener, Ont)
Wally Garand (Cornwall, Ont)
Lorne Figley (White Bear, Sask)
Merl Hansen (Vancouver, BC)
Ray Girouard (Montreal, Que)
Pat Hendriks (Toronto, Ont)

Back Row

Jack Terry (Montreal, Que)
Bill Goodchild (Hamilton, Ont)
J.E. “Pops” Heppel (Montreal, Que)
Sam Goldstein (Montreal, Que)
Bruce Hallman (Detroit, Mich)
Simon Gr?nberg (Montreal, Que)
Terry Gordhouse (Halifax, NS)
Vic Brazier, Sgt. (Beaubridge, Ont)
Don Hall (Toronto, Ont)
Mar? Firth (Campbelltown, NB)
Jim Ferguson (Oshawa, Ont)
Norm Hall (Winnipeg, Man)
Jack Smithson (Toronto, Ont)
Ray Ferris (Ottawa, Ont)
Joe Ginsberg (Toronto, Ont)

Missing from picture

Ron Gravis (Ottawa, Ont)
Lieut. Robert A. Dixson (Cornwall, Ont)

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