Community experiments in DTK

Goudies Lane - 2017-06-01 029

If you know me at all, you know I love experiments. Especially social experiments.

Brohemus and I dropped by Goudies Lane in DTK on Thursday for what was billed as “First Thursday at Goudies Lane People-only Pocket”. The general idea is to limit traffic to the pedestrian kind entering the lane off Queen Street, put out some tables and chairs, get some music and painting going and see what happens. Well, the TL;DR is a lot of people passed through or hung out in the lane, chatting and eating. Together. So *that’s* a data point. And it jives with my experience that we learn way more about community building by *trying* approaches rather than *talking* about approaches. So hats off to the doers, the social innovators, the risk takers who must defend the spend on this gig. In fact, there was a lot of surveying and focus-grouping and input-getting that got us to here, but I just want to show the doing. Here’s the story from Catherine Thompson leading up to this event. Watch for the next one, first Thursday of July. In the lane.

More interesting than bistro tables or food vendors is painting on walls with spray cans, and that is what I first saw. I rarely forget a face I’ve photographed…

Goudies Lane - 2017-06-01 007

and even partially hidden behind a respirator, I can tell this is Whos One. I first photographed him in the Laurier Library where he was exhibiting his work in 2015. Then last summer, I caught him painting riverside at the Cambridge International Street Art Fest. He’s part of The Firm, and you can follow their work on Instagram and Facebook. Hire them here.

Goudies Lane - 2017-06-01 066

Perfect evening for casual chats.

Goudies Lane - 2017-06-01 016

Goudies Lane - 2017-06-01 003

Top shelf talent.

Goudies Lane - 2017-06-01 006

Don’t cross The Flash.

Goudies Lane - 2017-06-01 031

Community within the community.

Goudies Lane - 2017-06-01 036

I could watch…

Goudies Lane - 2017-06-01 041

these guys paint…

Goudies Lane - 2017-06-01 050

all day…

Goudies Lane - 2017-06-01 052

long. I’m out of my depth in this medium, but I can appreciate the paint control, the shading, stenciling, iconography, adaptation, concept and collaboration. Respect.

Watch for them on Charles Street. Rumour has it they’ll be doing a Canada 150 mural.

Goudies Lane - 2017-06-01 058

This guy never takes a bad picture. Ok, well I specifically posed him for this glamour shot. My pal, Eric Rumble, downtown marketing and program coordinator. He was in the lane in that capacity, but you should also know him as the community engine behind Night\Shift (Nov 2-4, 2017 – get that in your calendar)

Goudies Lane - 2017-06-01 061

This is Eric doing air traffic control of a community event.

Goudies Lane - 2017-06-01 062

And here are more people. High five to those who got their feet on the street. You’re doing it right.

This is us.


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