For the love of CAFKA

CAFKA16_launch_night 233

CAFKA == Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener and Area. It’s a great thing. On this day of Valentinian love, I thought I’d dig up a whack of pics from CAFKA.16 that never saw the light of day and share ‘em with you, for the love of art.

The CAFKA biennial happened last May/June, drawing artists from far beyond our WR borders and stretching our brains through new levels of art experience. It delivers a stunning level of talent on a shoestring budget and is driven by hard workers, fuelled by their commitment to keep this 20-year old happening going. I’ve only been playing close attention for eight years, but I really connected with the 2016 show.

Here’s the TL;DR: as always, if you like the work, support the work. The call is out for CAFKA.18 artists, so artists get your submissions in before Mar15. And if you’re looking to get involved, the annual general meeting is mere weeks away, Mar20.

Above is a photo of Mary Ma’s wicked cool piece called Wind Water Wave. Giant fans billowed this ginormous piece of fabric upon which was projected a video of light on water. So mesmerizing was this piece that people camped out inside the piece. I came back three or four times in the course of June to see this piece. Well, and also to see the people seeing the piece.

CAFKA-JanesWalk-Public Art tour 2016 052

It was on a Jane’s Walk of public art that I started hearing about the CAFKA.16 installations…

CAFKA-JanesWalk-Public Art tour 2016 056

Artist and CAFKA board member Michelle Purchase leading the tour. CAFKA did some excellent work in this cycle to engage the community and broaden the audience. They did some strong communication work on social media channels and experimented with pub crawl, coffee crawl, and biking tours of CAFKA.16 sites. Nice work.

CAFKA-JanesWalk-Public Art tour 2016 118

Artist and CAFKA board member, Stephen Lavigne.  He’s standing in front of the piece Between The Acts by Jane Buyers.

CAFKA16_launch_night 045

Untitled White Van by the MAW Collective out of Toronto.

CAFKA16_launch_night 050

The aforementioned van, sparking discussion on surveillance.

CAFKA16_launch_night 061

This rig…

CAFKA16_launch_night 079

by Chicago artist Claire Ashley (right) turned into dancing inflated sculpture Double Disco, in part animated by the trooper Sarah Goldrup (right?)CAFKA16_launch_night 101

To the off-speed playback of Stayin’ Alive, this show drew a good crowd for the square. It was delightful.

CAFKA16_launch_night 111

My pal and CAFKA board member, Catherine Bischoff.

CAFKA16_launch_night 071

Music-making plants of Akousmaflore by France-based collective Scenocosme.

CAFKA16_launch_night 132

CAFKA director and man from the future, Graham Whiting.

CAFKA16_launch_night 135

Leading the 2016 launch…

CAFKA16_launch_night 136

at Kitchener City Hall, which I gather is the birthplace of CAFKA.

CAFKA16_launch_night 190

Let’s see a little more of Mary Ma’s installation. I loved watching the people.

CAFKA16_launch_night 218

My friend Bob McNair. Meta.

CAFKA16_launch_night 214

Like a scene from The Truman Show.

CAFKA16_launch_night 237

Remember this? Let’s rejoice that Charles Street is now recombobulated.

CAFKA16_launch_night 260

Monuments, by the collective Acapulco out of Quebec City.

OpenEars16-Tristan_Perich_and_Ryan_Maguire 009

Delightful schedule-overload by mashing up the Open Ears festival with CAFKA.16. Here’s OE artistic director Gregory Oh introducing…

OpenEars16-Tristan_Perich_and_Ryan_Maguire 020

this drawbot by Tristan Perich out of New York. This rig and output, titled The Machine Drawings, created a month-long drawing inside Open Sesame.

OpenEars16-Tristan_Perich_and_Ryan_Maguire 029

First up though, we heard from sound artist Ryan Maguire out of Virginia.

OpenEars16-Tristan_Perich_and_Ryan_Maguire 030

He talked about his piece…

OpenEars16-Tristan_Perich_and_Ryan_Maguire 033

titled Ghost in the MP3 dealing with interesting artifacts of lossy audio recording and playback.

OpenEars16-Tristan_Perich_and_Ryan_Maguire 034

Then Tristan Perich talked us through his work.

OpenEars16-Tristan_Perich_and_Ryan_Maguire 041

OpenEars16-Tristan_Perich_and_Ryan_Maguire 044

Particularly interesting to the maker in me.

OpenEars16-Tristan_Perich_and_Ryan_Maguire 049

If you don’t know about Open Sesame, you should. It’s out front of Kitchener City Hall, invented and run by Lauren Weinberg.

CAFKA2016_talks 005

Back on the CAFKA trail, here’s a little meta-Sam catching video of the very interesting forum of artists, gathered in 44 Gaukel.

CAFKA2016_talks 012

CAFKA2016_talks 010

CAFKA2016_talks 014

Gordon Hatt, Exec Director of CAFKA.

CAFKA2016_talks 016

Marcel O’Gorman, Prof in UW’s English Department and shepherd of experimental digital media.

CAFKA2016_talks 039

Mona El Khafif, Associate Prof at UW’s School of Architecture.

CAFKA2016_talks 038

Interesting discussions.

CAFKA2016_talks 040

CAFKA2016_talks 046

CAFKA2016_talks 053

We were all ushered outside in anticipation of the performance piece Belle & Boy’s Savage Buffalo Happy Hour by Saskatoon artists Adrian Stimson and Lori Blondeau.

CAFKA2016_talks 049

CAFKA2016_talks 058

Ivan Jurakic, curator of UWAG.

CAFKA2016_talks 059

And then it was *on*! Lori and Adrian in costume as Belle and Boy.

CAFKA2016_talks 063

Believe me when I tell you I went to this whole gig cold. No prior reading.

CAFKA2016_talks 074

To begin the show…

CAFKA2016_talks 077

we had to squeeze between Belle and Boy, completely removing the arm’s length approach of aloof audience member.

CAFKA2016_talks 090

In costume. Out of costume.

CAFKA2016_talks 096

This was a very interesting piece, tackling, with great gusto, stereotypes around indigenous people, gender and a whole bunch of other stuff.

CAFKA2016_talks 097

where you really had to…


This is one of those things…

CAFKA2016_talks 098

be there and…

CAFKA2016_talks 099

hear it from the artists.

CAFKA2016_talks 106

Staged photos.

CAFKA2016_talks 111

CAFKA2016_talks 120

Taking on the issues.

CAFKA2016_talks 125

CAFKA2016_talks 134

So many photographs.

CAFKA2016_talks 138

Nicely done.

CAFKA2016_talks 141

CAFKA2016_talks 147

More meta-Bob.

CAFKA2016_talks 144

Artist panel.

CAFKA2016_talks 148

CAFKA2016_talks 150

Maker of the sequin t-shirts.

CAFKA2016_talks 152

CAFKA2016_talks 155

CAFKA2016_talks 156


CAFKA2016_talks 158


CAFKA2016_talks 160


CAFKA2016_talks 162

Gabrielle Moser, curator out of Toronto.

CAFKA2016_talks 164

Lori and Adrian.

CAFKA2016_talks 170

CAFKA2016_talks 174

CAFKA2016_talks 205

CAFKA2016_talks 190


CAFKA2016_talks 192

Pick your word…

CAFKA2016_talks 193


CAFKA2016_talks 196

CAFKA2016_talks 204

Iga Janik, curator at Idea Exchange Art and Design out of Cambridge.

Alright, I’m a bit rushed here as I gotta go make some Valentine’s pancakes at home before dashing off to the regular 2Tue Art$Pay meetup at 7pm.  Feel free to add in a comment.

This is us.


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