Drinking with artists


My good friends, painter Melissa Doherty and blacksmith Sandra Dunn joined in the inaugural 2Tue monthly meetup that Art$Pay kicked off in December. The second Tuesday of January is next week, so I’m looking forward to chattin’ and chillin’ with this most interesting bunch of people again. Installation artists, sculptors, painters, photographers and a whack of people practising in other mediums showed up, too. We’ll be back at Descendants brewery on Victoria at Weber again Jan 10, so feel free to jump in. At this point, there’s no agenda, no pitches, no writing stuff on post-it notes: just hanging out and meeting other artists. And beer.


There is a surprising amount of value in regular, unstructured meetups and what’s even more surprising is that something like this doesn’t already exist for artists. Because I inhabit multiple spheres in WR, I know the tech community has embraced the recurring heart beat of connecting people in real life. HackerNest, UX Waterloo, DevHouse and Startups & Beer have all developed their followings. So we’re doing that in the arts.


Sculptor/painter Pamela Rojas and painter/maker/visualizations dude nik harron, a couple more of my very favourite people. Lots of laughs and catching up with each other.

You know the drill: leave yer sofa and get a 2017 start with art.

On Victoria Street in Kitchener, this is us.


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  1. renato foti says:

    sounds like fun

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