Calling all WR makers!

Paper airplanes 016

The TL;DR: I’m asking all makers of all things in Waterloo Region to please apply as an exhibiting maker for Maker Expo. Deadline is Canada Day, which is Friday.

The event is Sept 10, but we need to put the whole show together, so we need your applications in by Friday. Last year at Kitchener City Hall we had 100 makers and 7500 visitors. This year I know we can get even more, and this is where you come in.

Our Maker Expo team puts in tons of time planning the show, engaging sponsors, promoting the event, getting insurance, laying out the venue, recruiting volunteers and putting together a whole whack of makers to share what they love to make.

You may say: I don’t make anything.
I say: probably not true and it doesn’t matter anyway. The purpose of Maker Expo is to get people making stuff. As an exhibiting maker example, I’ve often suggested that a few packs of copy paper and a jug of enthusiasm for paper airplanes constitutes a reason to apply. You don’t need to be an expert in something; you just need to engage people in making something. Throw us your ideas and we’ll figure out if they fit or how you can tune them up a bit (rhyme!)

Paper airplanes 034-2

You may say: I don’t have time to apply.
I say: the application takes 15 minutes to fill out. Contact info, activity description, tack on a photo and hit submit. I helped my Mom fill out her application and it was a breeze.

Paper airplanes 038

You may say: I think we’re busy that Saturday in September.
I say: come on! That’s almost 11 weeks away. The kids will be back in school for a week, the weather will still be nice, we’ll all want to reconnect after the summer. This is the best possible way you can spend Saturday, September 10. Just one day.

Paper airplanes 069

You may say: …but I’ve never *done* anything like this before.
I say: *exactly!* That’s what makes this so good. The entire community gets behind makers because #1. they’re actually doing stuff instead of just talking about it, and #2. we all get excited by your contagious enthusiasm for what you’re making, regardless of our own interests, and support you.

I’m putting my hand out to you, Waterloo Region. I’m inviting you to leave yer sofa and contribute to something cool. Why be a spectator when you can be an exhibitor? I very sincerely describe Maker Expo as an invent as much as an event. Level up your fun by pitching us an application to be an exhibiting maker. Here’s the link.

At the intersection of community and the maker movement, this is Waterloo Region and we are all makers.


(hand models and some planes: Calder and Arden White)

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