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Regular readers know about the nascent (and I rarely use that word) Waterloo Tape Music Club. They know because they read my earlier post on WTMC meetup #1 back in January. An engineer, a composer and a DJ wanted make electronic noise/music and they invited the community to join them.

Here’s where I usually ask you to throw me a couple of bucks if you like this story, but let’s just get on with it. You know the drill. As Maria Popova of the very awesome Brain Pickings says: donating = loving.

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This is going to be mostly photos because there are many and I want to just ease you into the weekend. WTMC is nomadic (and looking for free-no-pay venues for meetups). We were up in St Jacobs last Thursday night in the Felt Lab.

WTMC_March2016 048

Matt and Colin: two thirds of the steering crew.

WTMC_March2016 055

Focus of the night was contact microphones, which in their simplest form are just piezo elements with wires attached. You’ll find piezos in everything from your microwave to your alarm clock. Anything that beeps. If you apply an alternating voltage across them, they deflect and (often) produce sound waves. In the other direction if you bend them, they create a voltage that you can measure/amplify like a microphone. When you attach them directly to vibrating things, all sorts of interesting results emerge.

WTMC_March2016 065-2

Just guessing: 8 pre-amplifiers?

WTMC_March2016 067

Lots of gear to haul around and a lot of wires to untangle.

WTMC_March2016 079

Nik works with Matt.

WTMC_March2016 084

Here’s his rig.

WTMC_March2016 083

Touch these pads and change the frequency of the sounds emitted.

WTMC_March2016 087

DJ Jordan Mandel, engineer Matt Borland, composer Colin Labadie. The power trio of WTMC.

WTMC_March2016 089

Matt showed using a ten-cent inductor with a neo-magnet on top to generate sound while in the field of this brushless motor computer fan.

WTMC_March2016 093

Shout to UW’s REAP folks for the venue.

WTMC_March2016 100

Milk bottles + contact mics.

WTMC_March2016 103

WTMC_March2016 104

MUX and microcontroller.

WTMC_March2016 108

WTMC_March2016 113

‘Twas cool this time to have the guys talk about various aspects of electronic noise/music making.

WTMC_March2016 114

Jordan also manages the digital media lab at UW’s Stratford campus.

WTMC_March2016 116

WTMC_March2016 123

Rob Adlers brought out his big red rig of stuff and some tiny pianos.

WTMC_March2016 125

All sorts of motors and actuators were hooked up to Jordan’s keyboard.

WTMC_March2016 133

Nik mic’d this steel bowl.

WTMC_March2016 131

WTMC_March2016 135

WTMC_March2016 137

Meta-shot of Joy Smith who manages the lab. Thanks for staying late, Joy.

WTMC_March2016 144

WTMC_March2016 143

WTMC_March2016 145

WTMC_March2016 147


WTMC_March2016 148


WTMC_March2016 153

WTMC_March2016 158

All eyes on Colin.

WTMC_March2016 153-2

WTMC_March2016 165

Colin playing one of Rob’s tiny pianos after affixing a contact mic.

WTMC_March2016 166

With slightly more structure this time, we were encouraged to do 2-person sound improvisations. Nik and Joy up first.

WTMC_March2016 170

WTMC_March2016 177

WTMC_March2016 179


WTMC_March2016 187

Next team up.

WTMC_March2016 188

Looks like fun.

WTMC_March2016 192

Only two minutes per improv.

WTMC_March2016 196


WTMC_March2016 206

Oscar watches for cues…

WTMC_March2016 208

from his…

WTMC_March2016 209


WTMC_March2016 211

WTMC_March2016 222

Then it was time for the expert improv.

WTMC_March2016 226

Jordan was rocking this plate-hanger, playing the springs like strings.

WTMC_March2016 230

WTMC_March2016 238


WTMC_March2016 244

Colin gave a short talk…

WTMC_March2016 251

with accompanying video from a sound performance he did.

WTMC_March2016 254

WTMC_March2016 263

WTMC_March2016 266

WTMC_March2016 269

WTMC_March2016 273

WTMC_March2016 272

WTMC_March2016 279

This coffee pot, half-filled, had a contact mic attached and made the most wicked sound when sloshed.

WTMC_March2016 280

I told Matt, Colin and Jordan that WTMC offers several things I love: new friends, music,  opportunities for learning, and electronics with the guts hanging out. So good. If you’re super-keen to know more you can contact Matt at tak@takforidag.com

Leave yer sofa, join us.

Bringin’ the noise riverside, this is St Jacobs.


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