Compressed Company-new work, same great artists

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It is often the case that when you find art you dig, you find people you really click with, too. That’s how it is for me with my friends David Hoover and Darryl Wiebe at Compressed Company down on Borden Ave in Kitchener. I check in with these guys to see how their work is progressing and catch up.

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Brohemus and I hit The Sign Depot late Saturday afternoon wherein you will find the studio of Compressed Company. One great thing about this crew is that everything, including the imminent show, is a work in progress. That’s my kind of show.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 002

Darryl was busy doing something but grabbed a rag when he saw me shooting this piece. “Wait! Let me dust it off!” I asked David if this piece had been cut on the CNC router, but he assured me it was all hand-carved from foam and coated.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 012

You can buy this piece called “Throw” by just emailing David and Darryl. Love the 3D relief effect and the backlight looks great.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 013

Cold in the studio.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 016

Wondered what was up with this green dust, but first…

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 018

Stormtrooper! With the gilt circles and script it sort of knocks you back to the early Byzantine art you studied in school but with a 1977 flavour. Stormtrooper as saint.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 022

About that green dust…

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 023

and the model trains: in the street art domain the canvas is often a rail car. So this is a nod to those origins. David tells me that some artists will only “paint on steel”, taking a purist approach.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 024

The trick is to make the loop of track…

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 026

come out of the wall and loop around to go out again. David on the hole saw.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 030


Compressed_Company_Feb2016 034

Here comes the mantelshelf track bed covered in greenery and some pretty wicked faux foam rocks.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 038

Hey, the guys gave me a framed print of a piece I loved from their last show I shot. Thanks and high-five.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 043

Darryl Wiebe and my Brohemus, Dave White, a painter in his own right.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 075

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 056

Portrait time. Mr. Darryl Wiebe.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 049

LED taillights in this new piece.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 058

Throws on vinyl (yes, I know it’s upside down).

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 065

Most of this work is collaborative. I asked David if there was a piece that he alone had done and it took a minute for him to find one.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 066

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 079

You know it’s a serious show when you’re cutting holes in the wall an hour before go-time.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 083


Compressed_Company_Feb2016 087

David explained the kick in the work…

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 106

and this cool element. A friend and fellow artist “Syris” from a far-away city contributed this tagged miniature train car.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 105

And he wasn’t the only one. So this element of the show reaches beyond Waterloo Region.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 113

Looking deeper into the work, you’ll see familiar architecture and the cranes that have become semi-permanent fixtures of our cityscape.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 122

Not terribly evident from this photo, but a number of the pieces had a glassy resin coating which is difficult to do in a dusty studio. There is a great piece there with maple leaves that you’ll have to see in person for the full effect. The resin gives an interesting sense of depth.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 130

I see the Kaufman Lofts.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 142

More green.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 133

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 148

Then tracks.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 163

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 171

Even the company logo features the city.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 175

City installed.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 179

Portrait: Mr. David Hoover.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 184

Time to go.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 182

Better let this work…

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 192

wrap up before the guests arrive.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 199

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 207

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 200

Yup. Like a boss.

Compressed_Company_Feb2016 211

Construction cannot keep us from the art.

On Borden Ave South, this is Kitchener.


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  1. Agnes says:

    Can anyone just stop by The Sign Depot to check out the work? Nice post, love those train cars.

  2. l.t. dougherty says:

    very, very nice work.

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