UTW bikes

UTW - 2015-10-03 007

Found this sweet bike Uptown Waterloo as Brohemus and I wandered the evening last week.

Update 2015-10-05: John Johnson noted that this bike belongs to Andy Cox, co-owner with his wife Lori of King Street Cycles, who told me: “Your pic is of the 1967 Norton I built over the last 3 years. Great pic!” and when I asked what he most loved about it he said: “The thing I love most about that bike is that it’s finally finished, LOL! Really though, I’m pretty proud of the seat/tail section; was told many times by many people more experienced than myself that it “couldn’t be done”, and yet there it is. Also, pretty happy how the pipes turned out. I find building a bike often feels like an exercise of compromise, in that the vision in my head has to be slightly compromised to actually exist and function in the “real world”, and that tail section and those pipes are the closest I have come to representing what was in my mind’s eye.”

We are all makers.

UTW - 2015-10-03 005

Alas, Andy’s Norton was not part of the BIKE SALE.

At King and Erb, this is Waterloo.


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