Surveying the music landscape

DTK 2015-09-29 004

Navigating the construction chaos at the corner of Charles and Francis in Downtown Kitchener, on my wander to get a sandwich today, I saw a very familiar sticker.

DTK 2015-09-29 008

Your surveyor knows about The Jazz Room. Do you?

Didn’t know I loved jazz until Preece & Nagy and Co. turned me on to it. Right in Uptown Waterloo in the Heuther. Regular readers may recall when the music stage was built in the former strip bar, and when the grand piano was rebuilt, and when the doors opened with the most wicked music back in 2011.

Check out the lineup of acts at and then just go. A heads-up: they’re serious about the music, so you’ll be shushed if you’re talking during the sets. This is a great place to spend the winter.

In Kitchener, this is Waterloo.


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