Kitchener: can we keep this set at City Hall?

DTK 2015-09-29 038

Further on my sandwich search today, I popped by City Hall to peek in at Lauren Weinberg’s new place there in the old Carbon Computing space. Well, I got more than I bargained for. I was trying to figure out why there was this funky plywood structure going up around the stage and what the deal was with the giant wind machines parked out front.

Well, who should happen by but Cat Bischoff who filled me in that this is a set build for the TV series Heroes, which is apparently doing a bit of filming here. My only question now is: can we keep it?

More pics…

DTK 2015-09-29 009

DTK 2015-09-29 011

We could have really put this crane + wind machines to good use during Maker Expo. Low-altitude sky diving?

DTK 2015-09-29 017

Seemed a little CAFKA-esque. With serious sponsorship.

DTK 2015-09-29 039

This could be a permanent fortress of solitude at City Hall.

DTK 2015-09-29 024

I want the job parging concrete(?) on to the plywood panels under the tents. Such a cool effect.

DTK 2015-09-29 028

You know the Louvre Pyramid? Ok, this is different.

DTK 2015-09-29 049

Good one side.

And then the skies opened up with biblical rain. Mad skillz with these carpenters. Respect.

We are all makers.


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