Mid-town music and porches–June 14!

GPP-002-Grand Porch Party 2013 295

From the don’t-miss-this department, The Grand Porch Party 2015 is less than four weeks away. Sunday, June 14, 2015 2pm-5pm in Waterloo mid-town west. This map link to the corner of Alexandra and Avondale will get you in the general vicinity. It’s free-no-pay, but your support is massively appreciated when you buy the music and merch. Get this in yer calendar right now: Sunday, June 14, 2015, 2pm.

If you’re new here (and that’s cool ‘cause we love new people), the GPP is an afternoon of eclectic music performed on porches in one of the most delightfully walkable neighbourhoods in WR. You can check out my coverage of the event from the past few years, and before you do please allow me to highlight that GPP is hipster-friendly, dog-friendly, kid-friendly, wheel-chair friendly, bike-friendly, 40-something-parent-friendly, and friend-friendly. If I may, I’ll ask two services of you:

1. Commit to going to this event: pack away all your we’ll-see’s and try-our-best’s and lock in on this one. It’s a month away, you can do it. History, they say, is made by those who show up.

2. Tell 2 friends: in this, our web-of-trust for cool events, I’m confidently endorsing GPP and you can, too. Please tweet itlike it, share ittext it (or text from an iPhone),   email it, phone somebody, or lean over the back fence and tell your neighbour the old fashioned way.

GPP-003-Grand Porch Party 2013 300

What do these people…

GPP-040-Grand Porch Party 2013 102

have in common with these people…

GPP-030-Grand Porch Party 2013 073

and these people?

GPP-050-Grand Porch Party 2013 373

They showed up. I hope you will, too.


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