Forde photographs in DVLB

Nancy Forde at DVLB - May 2015 033

My friend Nancy Forde (left) has her photos up in DVLB right now. Check it out.

I dropped by last night for the opening reception which was jammed with mutual friends. If you don’t typically go to these things you might think “What does it matter if I go or not? I’m just one person.” Trust me: it matters. The first art show reception I attended was in 1987 for my studio professor Rick Potruff. I had to take about four buses from residence at U of G to get to the Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery for his show of awesome enormous drawings. He so obviously appreciated me showing up that it clicked a lightbulb on in my head. Putting your work out there takes a metric tonne of work and makes you vulnerable. When people show up, it validates your effort. It’s not the flattering praise that matters as much as warm bodies in the room. People going in a hundred different directions in their own lives converged for one moment to see something you made and to support you.

Back in late-May of 2013 when I hosted a reception for my show that was projected up on the Sky Gallery, the weather turned unseasonably gnarly. Sleet pounding, wind whipping. A small subset of the promised attendees showed up and I remember them all two years later. Hilary, nik, Melissa, Conor, Raluca, Jen, Shannon, Lisa, Arden, Calder, Dave, Bernie, Denise, Antonio, Dave and Andrew.

Last night at DVLB, if it wasn’t obvious from Nancy’s happy glow that she was totally grateful for those who showed up, it certainly was obvious today from the torrent of thank-you’s on social media. Good on ya, Nancy.

A few more pics on the other side…

Nancy Forde at DVLB - May 2015 027

I think Nancy had this image in the FLASH Photo Show. It’s a great shot with the boys squaring off against charging pigs.

Nancy Forde at DVLB - May 2015 005

Photographer Joe Martz (right) chatting with photographer Mat McCarthy.

Nancy Forde at DVLB - May 2015 008

Nancy did up a great artist’s statement. These are hard to do. Read it. It will hit you in the gut.

Nancy Forde at DVLB - May 2015 011

Fred Kuntz ordering a coffee.

Nancy Forde at DVLB - May 2015 031

Nancy Forde at DVLB - May 2015 041

I call this Section of Kessler. Karl and I don’t make a habit of this, but my Thursday began with him and the breakfast posse at Checkerboard and then ended with Nancy’s show at DVLB.

Nancy Forde at DVLB - May 2015 036


Nancy Forde at DVLB - May 2015 047

Another great photo by Nancy. Maisel again: you can’t go back. You gotta shoot it when you see it.

Nancy Forde at DVLB - May 2015 044

It’s funny what sticks with you. I was fortunate enough to attend a photography workshop with Mat McCarthy a couple of years ago (thanks Tony!). To get a good shot, we were talking about the importance of getting yourself in the right position “otherwise, you’re shooting backs.” And now every time I shoot in a crowd I hear that in my head. Sometimes it’s ok, it’s intentional. But at least it’s no longer an accident.

Nancy Forde at DVLB - May 2015 048

Snacks! There was a cake with one of Nancy’s photos printed on it. Sweet! (I’ll be here all week.)

On King Street, this is Waterloo.


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