Talking architecture with André Arsenault and Arden


Big thanks to André Arsenault (right) for taking time out of his Saturday morning to talk with my daughter Arden about a career in architecture. We got connected through André’s wife Daisy via a recent blog post I did on the Douglas Cardinal talk at KPL.

André, a board member with Grand Valley Society of Architects, noted it was a timely chat given that the Ontario Association of Architects Spring 2015 publication Perspectives (PDF) was focused directly on our exploration and was themed “Dear Aspiring Architect…” Adding fuel to our journey are the words of editor Gordon S. Grice: “Exercising curiosity doesn’t just smarten you up, it gives you the courage to meet challenges.” And with that curiosity, we peppered André with questions and he shared the story of his path to the profession, covering everything from the personal characteristics the study demands, to the phases of design, to the nuts and bolts of exams and certification. It was extremely valuable to us and we appreciate his generosity.

It is, I believe, indicative of the good will of Waterloo Region, that a stranger would go out of their way to reach out and help us. That’s in our DNA here.

From King and Dupont, this is Waterloo.


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2 Responses to Talking architecture with André Arsenault and Arden

  1. It was a real pleasure meeting the both of you! Always nice to have a moment to reflect on one’s journey. I look forward to seeing you both again and looking forward to hearing what’s next on your adventure.
    All the best,

  2. Daisy says:

    There are SO many people that have walked with & supported us along our life journey – especially going through the architecture program. It was an honour to “pay it forward”. I had no idea how rigorous of an education it was until going through it with André. From the sounds of André’s discussion with Arden & what I’m seeing from Arden’s support from her Dad, Arden is off to a fantastic start to her journey in this fascinating field of work. Well done Darin! I look forward to meeting you both one day!

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