Repost: MakeKW visits

Well, it is Throwback-Thursday, so I’m bringing back some old stuff  from the deep web after seeing a comment from my friend and hackerspace meta-maker, Seth Hardy. He worked hard helping to build in Kensington Market and then Site 3 at Bloor and Ossington. It’s great to see the proliferation and variations of makerspaces now and to less-frequently need to explain what they are. This is a shout out to Seth and all the meta-makers who give their time, knowledge, and resources to help other spaces get started.

This post was pre-kwartzlab, back when we (from Waterloo Region) were nomadic makers, building the community, under the temporary MakeKW banner. -DW



We (14!)

Arduino201_and_hacklab_trip 103

went to

Arduino201_and_hacklab_trip 068

and met up with my friend, Seth

Arduino201_and_hacklab_trip 105

who took us to…

Arduino201_and_hacklab_trip 109

which leads to hacklab

Arduino201_and_hacklab_trip 112

which has all kinds of cool

Arduino201_and_hacklab_trip 130


Arduino201_and_hacklab_trip 113

and the kitchen sink

Arduino201_and_hacklab_trip 111

and Seth kindly answered 400 questions

Arduino201_and_hacklab_trip 119

from us

Arduino201_and_hacklab_trip 121

about creating a hackerspace and then we went out for some great burritos followed by

Arduino201_and_hacklab_trip 136

Seth’s amazing maker-shopping-tour of the market area

Arduino201_and_hacklab_trip 140

which included Mr. Chan’s store, Creatron Inc., where we bought

Arduino201_and_hacklab_trip 144


Arduino201_and_hacklab_trip 145

and then returned to hacklab

Arduino201_and_hacklab_trip 159

for some wrap-up discussion and many thanks, before we

Arduino201_and_hacklab_trip 023


Arduino201_and_hacklab_trip 024


Thanks Seth and hacklab.  Fantasticly awesome, informative, fun day.

More pics here.

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