iLL EVANS funk-hip-hop-jazz fusion at AbeErb

iLL Evans at AbeErb 103

Musicians are a lot like photographers: we practice our craft, we put the work out there, we engage the audience, and we try to figure out how to get paid. Just like venues book bands, you can book me for photoshoots. This 2-hour shoot would be $400 and deliver several dozen high-resolution, non-watermarked images for unrestricted use. For an additional fee I can do a write-up for you. If you want product or ambient shots, with space to drop in copy for promo material, I can make that happen. My blog is my portfolio, and since you’re reading this, you already know the quality of the work and my approach. Hit me on email / twitter / facebook / linkedin.

Complete serendipity intersected last Thursday’s Brother Night with AbeErb with the unique jam of iLL Evans. Brohemus and I were out to raise a glass to his dog Poppy who passed away the night before. Melancholy gave way to some great porter on the guest taps and great music at our front row table. Above, we’ve got Chris Hull (drums), Matt Sotnik (keys), Scott Alton (bass), Dakota Stewart (guitar), and Nate Payne (vocals/sax).

iLL Evans at AbeErb 065

It is a photographer’s challenge to shoot most bands. There is typically very little light, and when there is light, it is often a mix of full-on spotlight and deep shadows. I try to go for a balance while not using a strobe. Blasting a flash in a low-light environment like this can really disrupt the flow of what’s happening. I do the best I can with fast lenses and steady hands. It’s important to show some motion blur in photos of musicians, so here I’ve got the shutter speed cranked all the way down to 1/40th of a second so you see that drumstick action.

iLL Evans at AbeErb 189

Brass is great to shoot. Lots of highlights and detail.

iLL Evans at AbeErb 076

I’m experimenting a bit to push in more on subjects, filling the frame as they say.

iLL Evans at AbeErb 086

Meta! Ashileena Nabbi, who works at AbeErb, was shooting, too. Always good to meet other photogs. I think we’re better off banded together. Ashileena and I were comparing lenses and high-fiving for great music.

iLL Evans at AbeErb 255

Matt motion on keys.

iLL Evans at AbeErb 078


iLL Evans at AbeErb 272

Product shot. Glad to have beer recommendations from our server Bryan Izzard. For the record, this is my new favourite seat in the joint.

iLL Evans at AbeErb 111

Great interpretations of the cover tunes.

iLL Evans at AbeErb 329

iLL Evans at AbeErb 133

iLL Evans at AbeErb 158

Dave and I were sitting there for a bit and then this gang showed up and said “Hey, weren’t you at kwartzlab on Tuesday?” Indeed I was. This is Tracey and Jesse who came out to the lab’s Tuesday Open Night. It was then game on for loudly encouraging the band, with Jesse shouting for solos from everyone. And the band obliged.

There are my instruments of creation in the foreground.

iLL Evans at AbeErb 121

iLL Evans at AbeErb 153

See what I did there?

iLL Evans at AbeErb 186

I take it from this poster that Ill Evans is going to be a regular thing on Thursday, which coincides with the regular Brother Night thing for me and the desire for craft beer. The planets have aligned.

iLL Evans at AbeErb 192

It’s very interesting to see the communication among band members. Like a secret language that I’m told is pretty key (ahem) to their performance.

iLL Evans at AbeErb 204

Nate was, I believe, running down his rap from the phone.

iLL Evans at AbeErb 257

iLL Evans at AbeErb 278

iLL Evans at AbeErb 266

Did you see it that time?

iLL Evans at AbeErb 282


iLL Evans at AbeErb 310

iLL Evans at AbeErb 289

iLL Evans at AbeErb 316


iLL Evans at AbeErb 313

iLL Evans at AbeErb 323

Between sets, I usually hop around the stage to get some gear shots.

iLL Evans at AbeErb 327

iLL Evans at AbeErb 328

iLL Evans at AbeErb 332

iLL Evans at AbeErb 333

Gonna be great in the spring when this door goes up on King Street.

iLL Evans at AbeErb 072

iLL Evans at AbeErb 357

Band beer.

iLL Evans at AbeErb 379

These guys are super-talented individually…

iLL Evans at AbeErb 170

and fuse together to really deliver something awesome. Save me this seat at the window.

iLL Evans at AbeErb 515

Smoke break between sets. See you next time, guys.

On King Street in front of AbeErb, this is Waterloo.


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