Hub Haps #016-Thalmic test-driving a variety of arms

Thalmic at the Hub 002

I caught Victor Janzen helping out brand ambassador Deviya from Thalmic today at the Hub. Thalmic had multiple teams on site and no shortage of willing participants. The goal was to collect sample data from a variety of users wearing the Myo.

Click through for a few more pics…

Thalmic at the Hub 006

The Myo.

Thalmic at the Hub 008

Thalmic brand ambassador Rahul Kapoor with Victor Janzen and Deviya.

Thalmic at the Hub 016

Thalmic data specialist Brian Sinclair told me…

Thalmic at the Hub 009

that they were re-running a series of data collection that had been done in September. The air (and consequently the people) are much drier in the winter, which changes skin resistance, which affects muscle signal detection by the Myo.

I couldn’t let Victor go it alone, so I offered up my arm, too. My forearm was measured for circumference, then assessed for conductance with this super-fancy multimeter.

Thalmic at the Hub 011

Also relevant is temperature and humidity, captured by this rig.

Thalmic at the Hub 019

Brian told me there was some instrumented firmware on these particular units to capture a whack of user data…

Thalmic at the Hub 028

through a series of exercises…

Thalmic at the Hub 026

that will provide data for crunching back at Thalmic HQ.

Happy Wednesday, Hubsters.


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