Hub Haps #015-printer envy

Hub Haps Feb 2015 029

Why is this man smiling?

Kyle Brannen, Canon Account Executive, Large Format Printers was in the house yesterday for Hub Unplugged. He brought with him the most wicked Canon iPF6400S printer, and he was extremely popular. The Canon Innovation Lab hooked up Communitech residents with the opportunity to have 24”x36” hi-res prints done for no charge. I gather the printer was running almost non-stop, pausing only for paper and ink reloads. The output was gorgeous. Outstanding blacks. At around $3600 for this rig, now y’all know what to get me for my birthday this year.

Hub Haps Feb 2015 004

In addition to the usual monthly mix of music, beer, and good company…

Hub Haps Feb 2015 073

I tagged along with my friend Brett Shellhammer to the Microsoft launch at the Tannery Event Centre. Microsoft landed at the Communitech Hub in the last week or so as one of the newest tenants. Up on stage left is Alec Saunders who we already know from his BlackBerry days, and now he takes the wheel of Microsoft’s footprint here in WR.

Happy weekend, Hubsters.


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