FLASH traffic—radio check

CKWR interview for FLASH 019

Last night Tony Reinhart and I headed down King Street to chat about FLASH with Jen Gough (say “off” with a ‘g’, here sporting her new red rig) for this week’s New Art Radio show on CKWR 98.5FM. Tune in Thursday at 8pm to hear how we did. Big thanks to Jen, Heather, and CKWR for helping us spread the word on our big photography gig.

And since we’re talking about FLASH, a few notes:
• To get into the show on Jan 23 you absolutely must have a ticket, either printed or PDF’d on your phone. You can really help us at the door by having your ticket ready to show to our friendly volunteer-ninjas
Didn’t get a ticket to our sold out show? Please get on the waitlist here
Not gonna use your ticket? Please relinquish it back to Eventbrite for a full refund up until Friday so we can make that available to waitlisters. And I rarely use the word “relinquish”.
• If you want to buy/sell images from the night, we encourage you to join the FLASH Waterloo Region facebook group so you can connect. We won’t have the images after the show, but we love it when photographers get paid. Direct-to-audience model, yo!
Planning on drinking at the cash bar? Then please plan on not driving. Seriously.
Was my photo accepted? Notifications either way are going out over the next two days

Whew! Ok, that was more than a few notes. How about an utterly reasonable number of photos from our fieldtrip?

CKWR interview for FLASH 008

It was a dark and cold night, but my navigator got us where we needed to be. I thought Tony had been to the studio a couple weeks back when he was on CKWR for The Morning Show, but he phoned in live for that one. We figured it out. King Street, down by Rockway Gardens.

CKWR interview for FLASH 013

Heather Riemersma at the wheel! She said “Oh great, we have photographers in the day I have this band-aid on my chin!”


Friends know they’re fair game for pics with me. Ok, everybody knows they’re fair game. And most have given up protesting…

CKWR interview for FLASH 016

so here’s our compromise shot.


I was so tempted to push the red button.

CKWR interview for FLASH 011

Where the magic happens. Tony and I couldn’t make the live show, so big thanks to Jen and Heather for meeting up with us for pre-recording.

CKWR interview for FLASH 020

Regular readers all know Mr. Tony Reinhart as the kickass writer and chief scribe at Communitech, but did you also know he’s a kickass photographer with excellent composition-fu? Tony is one seventh of the posse putting FLASH together. Follow him on Instagram where he’s rocking the square daily.



CKWR interview for FLASH 012

Phones and phones.

CKWR interview for FLASH 017

New Art Radio covers all sorts of cultural goings-on and features local music talent. We had a good after-interview powerchat to sync up on all the events coming up.

CKWR interview for FLASH 021

What a joker, and what a team.

CKWR interview for FLASH 023

Thanks again Heather and Jen.

CKWR interview for FLASH 025

Back into the night…

CKWR interview for FLASH 026

we went.


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