FLASH traffic—last chance for romance

UTW Saturday 032

A little less than 10 hours left to submit your best image to our kick-ass FLASH photo event. I posted the countdown timer yesterday along with links for submitting. Get some skin in the game. And then grab a ticket to join us on Jan 23 for the big gig.

I was shooting photos through dirty bus windows at the corner of King and Erb in UTW. There is some great backlighting there on the east side around 4:30 in the afternoon. My friend James Nye paints some terrific reflection/overlays in his work and another friend David McCammon has been doing an interesting series of photos of reflections in shop windows. Both inspired me to pay attention to windows a bit more. Iā€™m digging high contrast silhouettes right now and particularly like how even with the sun blasting through the window, the faces are obscured by the winter grime on the bus. I find these wobbling figures so unsettling and intriguing. Makes me think of the Saticons that scared the living bejesus out of me as a kid watching Lost in Space. Those featureless faces and sparkly bowler hats, oie!

This is Waterloo.


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  1. Dave White says:

    My new favorite! It’s so amazing how the silhouettes make the eye try to focus on one or the other, but the eye can’t, so it ends up bouncing back and forth to one another. Sort of a vision pinball image! Great work, Dar. Technically and artisticly kick-ass šŸ™‚

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