FLASH traffic—got a handle on hand stamps


Anything worth doing is worth doing four more times. So fresh from my kwartzlab laser training, I was back at the lab solo yesterday to laser more FLASH hand stamps and fab some wooden handles. A few pics from that, but first, today’s FLASH notes:

Refunds for unneeded tickets are available until 7pm tonight on eventbrite. Share some love with those on the waitlist. Please.
• That’s it. Today, I’m just asking you to not leave seats on the table
• Oh, one more thing: one week to the big show. Whoo!

On to the stamp/laser pr0n…


I modified my FLASH bitmap to include a keep-out bounding box so that rather than relying on my steady knife-hand to create the stamp edge, the laser would do it. Also laid up 4×1 copies in Photoshop. I created a complementary vector file in DXF format that outlined each stamp. I first ran the raster to engrave the design, and then without moving the work piece, I ran the DXF in cut mode. Alas, 100 power/10 speed is not a configuration that cuts clean through Speedy-Carve. Got about halfway through. James later said a speed of 5 or lower may have worked but things start to get non-linear as you slow the laser down. i.e. things start melting/burning more broadly. So I just finished the cuts with a knife where the laser had scored the rubber.


It seemed like a good idea to laser a positive version of the design on the top of the wooden handle. Helps you orient the stamp without looking at the stampy part and it’s pretty cool. In that bitmap I allowed space between copies for the saw kerf. This is just a scrap hunk of 2×4 pine that I brought from home.


Chopped up and belt-sanded for enhanced hand pleasure.


It’s a good fit. Later in the evening…


I toothbrushed the rubber and used double-sided tape to connect stamp to handle. Took one for test drive.

FLASH! kwartzlab! Photography!


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