UTW and the elusive student demographic

UTW walkaround 060

“Will you take our picture?”

Me: sure.

Last Thursday after a great AbeErb meetup with Mark Connolly and absent a long-shift working Brohemus, I spent Brother Night roaming Uptown Waterloo. In a snow storm. With busloads of t-shirt-clad students. In my cultural travels, a persistent mystery is how to engage the tens of thousands of local students in Waterloo Region. So running into what I can only imagine was a massive pub crawl was a good example of something that had cracked that code. Not a big revelation; just a data point. And a few more pics…

UTW walkaround 020

UTW walkaround 039

When the night streets are wet, there are images everywhere.

UTW walkaround 036

UTW walkaround 041

Points for crossing at the corner, y’all. Don’t be a hood ornament.

UTW walkaround 030

UTW walkaround 061

Like a hole in air, this giant figure was a like a superhero.

From King Street, this is Waterloo.


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