Hub Haps #013-Power tools on a shoot

Peter Power shoot at the Hub 009

That is to say, the tools of awesome photog Peter Power were on the job at The Hub last week. My good friend Tony Reinhart mentioned that Peter was coming by to do a shoot of Hub denizen Blue Rover and asked if I’d like to meet Peter. Hell yes I would. Seventeen years shooting for the Toronto Star, seven more at The Globe and Mail, and a kickass portfolio mean there’s a whole lot I can learn here by paying attention.

The TL;DR: Peter set up and got the shots under 30 minutes like a ninja, engaged the client like the pro he is, and fielded a couple questions from me afterward. I’m happy to report that Peter is submitting a photo to FLASH and joining us in the crowd for our killer event on Jan 23. You have only 4 days left to get your photo in for the open call. Get ‘er done.

A question to Hubsters: this is the 14th post in my HubHaps series (yeah, I did #009 twice). Do you like these slices of life from the Hub? Leave a comment or shoot me an email. I’ll keep doing them if they have value to you. The series was a proof-of-concept for the notion I’ve been pitching around using serial stories to define your own organizational self-identity as well as communicate externally in a genuine way.

Thanks to my readers for all the views/shares/retweets and IRL meetings in 2014. Lots more queued up for you in 2015.

A few more pics…

Peter Power shoot at the Hub 005

I’m learning more about my speedlights on every shoot.

Peter Power shoot at the Hub 010

Here’s the secret to getting good photographs of people: talking. Peter is chatting here with Blue Rover’s CEO Loreto Saccucci (right) and Peter Smith. When you’re relaxed and work together with the subjects to plan the shoot you get the best results.

Peter Power shoot at the Hub 011

This is a very simple and effective 2-light setup with the left light on the subject and the right light hitting the wall behind. There’s the giant Communitech magnet from the video and I see Jen Gough’s circuit board world map that she made as an artist in residence at kwartzlab.

Peter Power shoot at the Hub 015

Peter Power shoot at the Hub 018

Peter Smith of Blue Rover…

Peter Power shoot at the Hub 021

holding the product. This tech really has legs. The blue boxes are hooked to various sensors to measure temperature, water flow, etc. That collected data is wirelessly short-hauled back to the silver box to then be relayed back to the mothership over mobile carrier networks. In the domain of the popular internet of things, this offers a truckload of utility, potential cost-savings, and an enviable green-tech play. As I hear it, there’s a pretty substantial test installation of this tech at a Boston Pizza restaurant. Blue Rover is definitely one to watch.

Peter Power shoot at the Hub 023

Shooting the product and principal.

Peter Power shoot at the Hub 024

Power tools. Thanks to Peter for entertaining my meta-photography and all the best to Blue Rover. See you all on the other side.


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